Comarch Life Wristband

Comarch Life Wristband
Remote care for seniors, chronically ill patients or those in quarantine

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Comarch Life Wristband is a comprehensive solution for people in need of constant care, wanting to improve their quality of life and to feel safe. The device is part of the Remote Care service, under which the patient receives a monitoring device and 24-hour telecare. Implementation of Remote Care by local authorities and health facilities guarantees improvement of patients’ situation, especially those living alone, away from their the loved ones. It is a flexible service that can suit both dependent patients in need of constant support, as well as those wanting to increase their independence but whose health is at risk.


Remote care for seniors

The device and telecare (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays) are part of the senior care system prepared by Comarch Healthcare. Health facilities may remotely monitor patients’ condition, giving them a sense of independence and security. Thanks to the use of modern telecare technologies, local governments improve the quality of health services in their region, while relieving health facilities.


Guidelines for the patient

The patient should always remember about:

  • Taking Comarch Life Wristband when going outside
  • Not taking it off before going to sleep 
  • Regular battery charging


As part of the Remote Care service, the patient receives:

  • Comarch Life Wristband with charger and information brochure
  • 24-hour telecare


“Lesser Poland Tele-Angel” project

10.000 Lesser Poland residents will be covered by telecare as part of the “Lesser Poland Tele-Angel” program, organized by the provincial government in cooperation with Caritas of the Kielce Diocese and the European Institute of Regional Development Association from Sucha Beskidzka. Part of the equipment and software for the project implementation was provided by Comarch. “Lesser Poland Tele-Angel” is the first initiative of this kind in Poland. It is addressed to dependent, chronically ill, elderly and disabled people who live alone. The aim is to improve their quality of life and ensure safety. The program was launched in May 2018 and will last for three years. Activities will be focused on the development of care services and neighborhood assistance in the environment of those in need, and on the use of modern information and communication technologies in the area.

How Comarch Life Wristband works

Every patient with Comarch Life Wristband is under constant care From the Telecare Center. Comarch Life Wristband is equipped with an SOS button, a GPS module that allows patient localization, and heart rate monitoring. The device also has a button to answer and end calls. A patient can use it to call the Telecare Center and inform, for example, about feeling unwell. Paramedics can, if necessary, call an ambulance. They can also initiate a connection with the patient. If the battery level in the device is dangerously low, the Comarch Life Wristband will automatically send such information to the Telecare Center and the medical staff will remind the patient to charge the device.