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Four radiologists share their passion for good breast health—the key to detecting cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.

Hologic has made remarkable strides in the fight against breast cancer. When we introduced the first 3D mammography™ system on the market in 2011, we transformed radiologists’ ability to detect breast cancer earlier and more accurately. Such significant advances come from a passion we share with our physician customers to make a real difference in women’s lives. In this video—Passionate about Breast Health—you’ll meet four such customers who partner with Hologic to give their patients the best chance to outsmart breast cancer—radiologists like Dr. Matthew Covington of Washington University.

As Dr. Covington says, “I find it personally most rewarding when I am able to meet patients where I was able to see their screening mammogram and I was the one who saw a finding, which ended up being an early cancer and was caught at a stage when they were able to have curative therapy. That’s truly something that I am very grateful to be a part of.”

Another radiologist who shares Hologic’s passion for good breast health is Dr. Claudia de Moral. The passion of one teacher she had during her residency in breast imaging inspired her to become a radiologist. As she says: “I believe that each time I get one person who doesn’t want to be screened to be screened, that’s everything to me.”

“What’s rewarding in the area of breast imaging is the feeling that you are doing something important and impactful.”

You’ll also hear from Dr. Jacqueline Holt from Christina Care, whose passion comes through loud and clear. “For me as a breast imager, it is very fulfilling when a patient comes back to you a year or two later. Of course, you don’t remember them, but they remember you and say, ‘You diagnosed my cancer.’ I actually had a woman who came back with her husband, and they said that they pray for me every night. Oh my God! That was the nicest thing—that they think of me in their prayers.”

For Dr. Harriet Borofsky of Mills Peninsula, it’s all about the relationships she develops with her patients. “What’s rewarding in the area of breast imaging is the feeling that you are doing something important and impactful,” she says.

Saving lives is the most important thing any physician can do. Radiologists are in a position to not only save lives, but with the right tools, like the Hologic Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam, they can detect cancer earlier, when it’s most treatable. Did you know that in clinical studies, our 3D™ exam:

  • Delivers a series of detailed breast images, allowing radiologists to better evaluate their patients’ breasts layer by layer.1
  • Has greater accuracy than 2D mammography for women across a variety of ages and breast densities.2-7
  • Is the only mammogram FDA approved as superior for women with dense breasts.1,2*

Having technology that can detect cancer earlier and more accurately is the key to potentially reducing the need for more invasive treatments, such as chemotherapy or mastectomy. We at Hologic think that’s truly something to feel passionate about.

*Compared to 2D mammography alone.

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Published on : Fri, 16 Jul 2021

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Hologic, Radiologists, breast cancer, FDA, breast imaging, breast screening, 2D mammography, womens health care, Hologic Genius™, 3D Mammography™ Four radiologists share their passion for good breast health—the key to detecting cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.

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