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Foetal Brain Development Impacted by Maternal Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic

2022 09 Nov

The COVID-19 pandemic created many disruptions to everyday life, including disruptions in essential health services. To reduce the rate of transmission, many medical policies around pre and postpartum care were changed. Such changes were reported to be the most common stressors among pregnant women. Unfortunately, increased maternal stress is known... Read more

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Women and Infants at Risk as Maternity Care Deserts Increase in the U.S

2022 21 Oct

According to a new report by non-profit March of Dimes , there has been an increase in the number of counties in the U.S. in which access to maternity support is severely restricted or absent.March of Dimes defined maternity care deserts as, “any county in the United States without a hospital or birth center offering obstetric care and without any... Read more

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Fatigue Affects Balance in Women Post Breast Cancer Treatment

2022 20 Sep

As of 2021, breast cancer has become the most common cancer in women in the United States. Fortunately, advances in screening, diagnosis and treatment have increased women’s survival rate to 90%. But despite these advances, nearly two-thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer experience long-term side effects from treatment or breast cancer itself.... Read more

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Study Reveals Climbing Incidence Rates of Late-Stage Cervical Cancer in the U.S

2022 02 Sep

The human papillomavirus causes more than 95% of cervical cancer (HPV), mostly due to HPV types 16 and 18 (WHO, 2022).In recent decades, the scale-up of cervical cancer screening, HPVtesting, and the drive for HPV vaccinations have massively contributed to reducing cervical cancer incidence in high-income countries (2022).   New research, published... Read more

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Refining Breast Cancer Screening to Increase Effectiveness

2022 01 Aug

Cancer is a disease that, if left untreated, can progress and spread rapidly and cause death. Breast cancer has a diverse range of pathological entities and can incorporate indolent to aggressive legions. It can have varying histological patterns, clinical presentations, treatment responses and outcomes. Timely screening is essential, and intervening... Read more

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Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer

2022 30 Jun

New findings published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevent show significant differences in the accuracy of diagnostic mammograms across racial and ethnic groups, with variation observed in several measures of diagnostic performance.  Several studies have already established that racial disparities exist in breast cancer. Multiple socioeconomic... Read more

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SKIA Develops SKIA_Breast, AR Navigation on Patient Body for Doctors

2022 09 May

SKIA Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jong-Myung) has introduced an innovative technology that will lead to an evolution in surgical preparations and take procedures one step further. SKIA_Breast is a digital surgery guide solution based on augmented reality (AR) that superimposes a patient's medical images (like CT or MRI) with a real-time camera view of the... Read more

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How Do Perceptions of Radiologists and AI Systems in Breast Screening Differ?

2022 05 May

A study published in Nature Scientific Reports  revealed striking differences in the way radiologists and artificial intelligence (AI) systems perceive breast cancer lesions. Given that how they recognise breast cancer differs, this New York University study demonstrates the potential value of combining both human and AI methods when making medical... Read more

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Jefferson Radiology Implements Tele-Ultrasound to Improve Breast Imaging Accessibility

2022 04 May

New telemedicine software enables radiologists to connect with patients virtually and in real-time Jefferson Radiology has implemented advanced telemedicine software for its diagnostic ultrasound appointments. Collaboration Live, a tele-ultrasound software by Philips™, will dramatically improve patient access by enabling radiologists to connect... Read more