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2023 18 Jul

Research has highlighted that a fifth of young women who have sought help for their mental health were told they were being dramatic.   The survey revealed that 27% of individuals who had opened up about a mental health crisis in the past five years were told that their issues could be attributed to hormonal factors. This response suggests that...Read more

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2023 15 Jul

The first ever over-the-counter birth control pill has been approved by the U.S. government. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Thursday that the birth control pill, Opill, will be made available without a prescription for women of all ages. This decision aims to reduce barriers and improve access to contraception for women.   In...Read more

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2023 30 Jun

There has been concern among radiologists regarding the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on their profession. However, the dire predictions of AI completely taking over the job have not come to fruition. Instead, there is an opportunity for radiologists to embrace and work alongside AI technology.   Hologic have seen over 50% reduction...Read more

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2023 08 Feb

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed that women with cancer in one breast may be at a higher risk of developing cancer in the opposite breast. This is subject to them being carriers of specific genetic changes that predispose them to develop breast cancer.   Using data from 15,104 women researchers found that...Read more

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2023 13 Jan

Researchers from UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center found that a large number of women aged 65 and older, in the Californian region, are facing late-stage cervical cancer diagnoses. The alarming number emerges in spite of guidelines that advise women to stop cervical cancer screening at this age.   The findings underline the need to look at...Read more

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2022 09 Dec

India, a low-income country, has a lower cancer rate than countries with larger economies, such as the U.S. Whilst India has approximately 100 cases per 100,000 people, the U.S. has 300 cases per 100,000. This could be the result of India’s younger population; it is normally with age that the chances of getting cancer increase.   Unfortunately, only...Read more

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2022 02 Dec

Ovarian cancer has the fifth highest cancer death rate among women, causing more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system(American Cancer Society 2022). Unfortunately, only an approximated 20% of ovarian cancer cases are discovered at an early stage. This may be due to the lack of real screening tests for them, and few symptoms...Read more

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2022 01 Dec

Global Leader in Women’s Health Recognized with Three IMV ServiceTrak™ Awards for Mammography During RSNA 2022 Hologic , Inc., an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health, swept the 2022 IMV ServiceTrak™ Awards for Mammography, taking home awards for Best Service, Best Customer Satisfaction and...Read more

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2022 25 Nov

A population-based study, involving 7778,306 women aged 50-69 years, assesses their risk of breast cancer after participating in at least one mammographic screening. Researchers compared the incident rates of women diagnosed with and without benign breast cancer.   Women involved in the study had taken part in a breast screening between 1996 and...Read more

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2022 25 Nov

New Affirm® Contrast Biopsy Technology Included in the Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring Solutions on Display Hologic , will exhibit its extensive portfolio of breast and skeletal health products at the 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) from Nov. 27 to Dec.1. Among the...Read more

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2022 15 Nov

The gap in Index scores between women in high-income and low-income economies nearly doubled between 2020 and 2021. In 2021, 22 points separated women in high-income economies – whose score remained unchanged at 61 – and women in low-income economies, whose score dropped from 49 to 39. ...Read more

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2022 09 Nov

The COVID-19 pandemic created many disruptions to everyday life, including disruptions in essential health services. To reduce the rate of transmission, many medical policies around pre and postpartum care were changed. Such changes were reported to be the most common stressors among pregnant women. Unfortunately, increased maternal stress is known...Read more

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2022 04 Nov

Hologic will present four medical educational sessions at the Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), offering attendees the opportunity to engage and learn more about their products during the Lunch and Learns .   Hologic Medical Education Lunch and Learns will include the following:  ...Read more

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2022 21 Oct

According to a new report by non-profit March of Dimes , there has been an increase in the number of counties in the U.S. in which access to maternity support is severely restricted or absent.March of Dimes defined maternity care deserts as, “any county in the United States without a hospital or birth center offering obstetric care and without any...Read more

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2022 21 Sep

Hologic Global Women’s Health Index finds widespread barriers to preventive care and a growing gap in women’s well-being between high- and low-income countries More than 1.5 billion women worldwide lack screenings for cancer, heart disease, diabetes or sexually transmitted diseases/infections – even though these conditions together affect...Read more

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2022 02 Sep

The human papillomavirus causes more than 95% of cervical cancer (HPV), mostly due to HPV types 16 and 18 (WHO, 2022).In recent decades, the scale-up of cervical cancer screening, HPVtesting, and the drive for HPV vaccinations have massively contributed to reducing cervical cancer incidence in high-income countries (2022).   New research, published...Read more

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2022 01 Aug

Cancer is a disease that, if left untreated, can progress and spread rapidly and cause death. Breast cancer has a diverse range of pathological entities and can incorporate indolent to aggressive legions. It can have varying histological patterns, clinical presentations, treatment responses and outcomes. Timely screening is essential, and intervening...Read more

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2022 13 Jul

Hologic has partnered with other forward-thinking organizations to drive change that will impact women's lives for generations. This includes ALL women, regardless of race, caste or creed. Statistics show that Hispanic women are 40% more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer and 30% more likely to die from it than non-Hispanic white women....Read more

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2022 16 May

A large German study found that AI can accurately detect and localise breast cancers on screening exams missed by radiologists, which in turn can reduce the frequency of cancers between screenings (usually 24 months).   Many breast cancers are clinically detected due the onset of symptoms during the interval between breasts screenings. Often...Read more

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2022 09 May

This Pfizer-sponsored study used de-identified data derived from the Flatiron Health Analytic Database in a retrospective observational study to demonstrate palbociclib (PAL) combined with an aromatase inhibitor (AI) is an effective first-line therapy for treating metastatic breast cancer.   Hormone receptor-positive/human epidermal growth factor...Read more

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2022 05 May

A study published in Clinical Breast Cancer  revealed that the quality of the systematic reviews that provide the evidence to inform clinical practice guidelines differed widely.   The systematic reviews and meta-analyses used to inform the clinical practice guidelines for the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (U.S.) and European Society...Read more

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2022 25 Apr

Danish and Dutch researchers recently demonstrated that using artificial intelligence (AI) as an aid in population-based breast screening can cut radiologist workload by 63% and false positive finding by 25%.   Examining the mammograms produced by population-based breast cancer screening program produces a significant workload for radiologists....Read more

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2022 14 Apr

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness Week is observed in the U.S. yearly during the second whole week of April. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 20% of the U.S. (68 million) had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in 2018. About 26 million were new infections which incurred USD $16 billion in direct...Read more

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2022 16 Mar

The Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) now recommends that women should not delay mammograms due to COVID-19 vaccinations. Lymph node swelling caused by vaccination presented a concern for false positives because this is a signal also associated with cancer. Women were advised in 2021 to delay mammograms to avoid false-positive results and unnecessary...Read more

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2022 14 Jan

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as well as the U.S. Congress marks January as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. The U.K also recognizes 17-23 January 2022 as Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.   Over 14,000 U.S. women are diagnosed each year. Globally, it was estimated in 2018 that cervical cancer caused 311,000 deaths making...Read more

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2021 14 Dec

Over the last ten years, digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) has continued to provide better cancer detection with fewer false positives than 2D digital mammography. At RSNA 2021, Dr Liane E Philpotts of Yale School of Medicine presented a study comparing DBT’s performance to 2D mammography over a ten-year period.    An X-ray source travels in...Read more

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2021 14 Dec

A large German study found that most women who participate in breast cancer screening prefer a reliable cancer diagnosis over avoiding false-positive findings. Dr Toni Vomweg, a radiologist at  Radiologisches Institut  in Koblenz, Germany, presented the research findings at RSNA 2021.   Mammography is the current standard of care for breast cancer...Read more

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2021 05 Nov

New research, funded by Cancer Research UK and published in The Lancet, found 87% lower cervical cancer rates in English women who were offered the Cervarix human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine vaccinated at ages 12 and 13 than unvaccinated women of similar age. This study provides the first direct evidence of Cervarix‘s effectiveness in lowering cervical...Read more

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2021 01 Nov

University of Michigan researchers in Ann Arbor examined financial hardship among U.S. women during and after pregnancy, which included the prevalence of cost-related unmet healthcare needs, unaffordable healthcare, and general financial stress.   The study examined financial hardship in 3509 peripartum women, aged 18 to 45 years, who participated...Read more

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2021 31 Oct

Hypertension disorder in pregnancy, preeclampsia, affects about 1 in every 20 pregnancies globally and usually appears after 20 weeks of gestation. Taking low-dose aspirin can help prevent preeclampsia, but this prophylactic treatment is underused among high-risk patients. A communication gap between providers and patients is one likely cause examined...Read more