A deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) solution that works alongside radiologists to improve breast cancer detection, avoid unnecessary biopsies and ultimately improve the patient experience for women, is being launched in Qatar.

Mia or Mammography Intelligent Assessment, is designed to support breast radiologists in making the critical decision to recall women for further testing based on their mammography screening.

With patented AI technology which was developed by UK-based Kheiron Medical Technologies, an applied science company focused on supporting cancer diagnostics with machine learning on more than three million breast images, The company has signed an agreement with Medtech Corporation, one of Qatar’s leading suppliers of medical and laboratory equipment, to bring its Mia solution into the country.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Kheiron’s Chief Commercial Officer Alex Hamlow said: “Our mission is to support breast screening professionals in the fight against breast cancer with proven and effective AI-enabled tools. Based on its performance in the UK and Europe, Mia represents a major breakthrough in helping radiologists to dramatically improve breast cancer detection and patient outcomes.

“According to the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, breast cancer was the most prevalent of all cancers detected in Qatar in 2020, accounting for 37.5% of all new cancer cases detected in women. I’m excited that Mia can help both radiologists and the women they care for,” Hamlow added.

Mia is the first solution of its kind to receive the CE (European regulatory clearance) mark for use as an AI-enabled independent reader for the detection of breast cancer. Through rigorous clinical studies and testing, Mia has learnt to read mammograms to the same level of detail as a consulting radiologist.

In double-reading mammography workflows where scans are reviewed by two radiologists, Mia can be deployed independently alongside a single human reader. This delivers the quality improvements needed to ensure the sustainability of breast screening services and frees up clinicians to spend more time with patients. Mia can also be deployed as a concurrent reader or in double reader triage.

Mia’s effectiveness has been proven in clinical studies in radiology AI and tested across multiple demographics and mammography devices. It was one of the recipients of the UK Government’s first AI in Health and Care Awards through which Mia is undergoing multiple deployments and clinical studies across 15 sites in the UK as a benchmark for how to integrate new, cutting edge technologies into the NHS safely and effectively. 

A clinical trial is in the planning stages, with Kheiron and AI Advance are currently working with an Australian breast-screening provider to establish protocols.

Source and photo: Kherion

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