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2024 05 Jan

A new app-based service is set to go from strength to strength as it transitions to a national programme in support of the NHS and social care workforce, says InnoScot Health   The Right Decision Service (RDS) – a first-for-Scotland project delivering a unique suite of UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marked decision support tools – was first developed...Read more

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2024 05 Jan

A new app-based service is set to go from strength to strength as it transitions to a national programme in support of the NHS and social care workforce, says InnoScot Health   The Right Decision Service (RDS) – a first-for-Scotland project delivering a unique suite of UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marked decision support tools – was first developed...Read more

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2024 03 Jan

Junior doctors in England staged a walkout on Wednesday. This is set to be the longest strike over pay in the history of the National Health Service (NHS).    The strike is likely to further exacerbate the challenges faced by the already beleaguered NHS. Concerns are mounting about the potential ripple effect of cancelled medical appointments and...Read more

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2023 20 Nov

Next year, the NHS plans to launch new software aimed at delivering enhanced care to millions of patients. The goal is to consolidate existing NHS data currently distributed across separate NHS systems. This effort aims to facilitate easier access to key information for staff, ultimately improving the ability of staff to provide better and timelier...Read more

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2023 17 Nov

In preparation for the winter season, a range of tech and data solutions are being implemented to prevent avoidable hospital admissions. Artificial intelligence will play a key role in spotting patients at risk of needing to go to hospital.   So community NHS teams can reach them first and alleviate the pressures on A&E departments. An AI system...Read more

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2023 18 Oct

Recent figures have revealed that the NHS has delivered on its promise to roll out 10,000 virtual ward beds by the end of September.   Thanks to this world-leading initiative, over 240,000 patients have received treatment on virtual wards. NHS teams have introduced 10,421 virtual ward beds, allowing patients to receive expert care for conditions...Read more

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2023 13 Oct

The NHS waiting list hits a record high, with an estimated 7.75 million people waiting to begin treatment since the end of August.    New figures emerge despite the government's commitment to reducing waiting times, which it has identified as one of its top priorities.   In addition to the growing waiting list, the wait times for patients...Read more

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2023 04 Oct

The public will be invited to play a role in shaping how the NHS uses their health data to enhance patient care. As part of a series of significant events, the NHS plans to gather public opinions on the digital and data transformation within the healthcare system. These events will provide the public with a valuable opportunity to inform the NHS's...Read more

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2023 30 Aug

Today’s hospitals are challenged by increasing demands and needs for hospital treatment by an ageing population and a general increase in the number of chronic patients. New players in the healthcare arena who today offer digital health services (e.g. Amazon, Google and Apple) threaten to further disrupt the current hospital landscape with new organisations...Read more

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2023 16 Aug

The UK government has announced that it will be providing £250 million in funding to the National Health Service (NHS) in preparation for the winter season. This allocation of funds is aimed at addressing the significant waiting times for treatment.   Thirty NHS organsiations will receive the funding across England to expand the capacity of urgent...Read more

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2023 31 Jul

A workshop hosted jointly by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Academy of Engineering, and held on 17 March 2023, discussed several actions that could address the main barriers to adopting AI in the UK healthcare system.   DM Schedules is an AI technology currently being piloted, with significant potential to benefit patient health...Read more

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2023 14 Jul

The publication of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts of the NHS to address workforce challenges and enhance the quality of care provided to patients. While the NHS has previously engaged in workforce planning, this is its first comprehensive and strategic approach to tackle staffing issues and...Read more

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2023 15 Jun

It is expected that every NHS trust will roll out measures within the next year to improve staff experience and progression through mentoring and development opportunities.   The NHS is establishing new ways to reduce staff turnover, increase recruitment and improve diversity in leadership positions. These plans are part of the NHS’s first equality...Read more

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2023 29 May

The government will invest £645 million over two years to expand community pharmacy services.  For the first time, patients who need prescription medication will be able to directly receive it from a pharmacy, without a GP appointment. This will be allowed for several common conditions including earache, sore throat, or urinary tract infections....Read more

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2023 13 Apr

Since 1983, the British Social Attitudes survey has recorded the public’s views and satisfaction with the National Health Service (NHS). The survey is conducted by the National Centre for Social Research and it is seen as a gold standard measure of public attitudes, capturing important insights regarding how the public view their health and social...Read more

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2023 28 Mar

More than 100,000 patients have been treated in NHS virtual wards in the recent year. Virtual wards allow patients to receive hospital-level care safely at home and in familiar surroundings.   The virtual wards are also known as ‘Hospital at Home’ models; they help reduce avoidable admissions by providing hospital-level care at patient homes....Read more

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2023 15 Mar

The NHS aims to maximise resources by cutting the number of missed hospital appointments using artificial intelligence to predict the likely missed appointments and offer back-up bookings.   Almost eight million hospital appointments are missed each year which leads to annual cost of 1.2 billion pounds to the NHS.   NHS chief executive...Read more

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2023 06 Mar

Shared care records are a powerful asset for integrating information, providing infrastructure to support a digital front door for patients, and generating data for analysis. Brian Murray, a director at  Orion Health , argues integrated care boards should make the most of them as they tackle the crisis in the NHS.   The NHS needs help, it’s not...Read more

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2022 15 Dec

NHS delivers more than 40 healthcare traffic control centres across England, in hopes of using the data to help move patients into beds as quickly as possible.   As part of the NHS's wider winter plan, each of the 42 integrated care systems work 24/7, where teams, including senior clinicians, use data and local insights to respond to emerging...Read more

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2022 03 Nov

We are delighted to welcome  Prof Phil Richardson  to the Mtech Access team. Phil joins us direct from the NHS to take up a new position as Chair and Chief Innovation Officer. “I am excited to be joining Mtech Access with their core skills of  market access ,  health economics ,  evidence synthesis ,  HTA and reimbursement support , and  customer...Read more

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2022 18 Oct

NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard announced the NHS will be able to diagnose and save the lives of thousands of severely ill children and babies with a world-first national genetic testing service.   The service is based in Exeter, England, and launched as part of the NHS Genomics Strategy. The service builds on the NHS’s Long-Term Plan to...Read more

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2022 19 Sep

“The NHS is the largest public-sector emitter of carbon emissions in the UK” (ePowerTrucks 2022). As part of a 2.1-million-pound investment, eight ambulance trusts are trialing 21 zero-emission vehicles. The goal is to relieve pressure on ambulance services while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. These electric vehicles require less...Read more

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2022 13 Sep

Redesigning outpatient services will be key to recover elective services. To be sustainable, the transformation needs to break down traditional barriers and focus on optimising the patients’ experience and outcomes. This needs a system-wide approach to reimagine operating and delivery models. Key Points Balancing the competing priorities...Read more

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2022 09 Sep

The NHS Long Term Plan outlines NHS’s commitment to invest in new innovations and treatments. They promised to deploy the latest cutting-edge technologies to better manage the capacity of services and help ease the burden on clinicians. NHS England was awarded £400,000 to test smart goggles as part of a wider innovation project. As part of this...Read more

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2022 26 Aug

My dear readers,   It is time for thoughts from the island again. Before I share more, I hope you are all okay – despite the heat waves. As I said in my previous articles, what will be next? What else do we have to overcome, or is this our future - living and dealing with extreme situations, i.e. pandemics, war, climate chaos etc.?   This...Read more

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2022 08 Jul

As organisations become increasingly connected through technology, there is a rising threat of becoming collateral in cyberattacks. It is imperative to evaluate the security practices and stances taken within any third-party organisation involved. Key Points The NHS plans to launch 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England this year....Read more

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2022 24 Mar

The BMJ and the Nuffield Trust recently hosted a roundtable discussion concerning the issue of workforce retention in the UK’s NHS – why workers leave the NHS and how staff wellbeing and retention can be improved. Also under discussion was the Nuffield Trust report, ‘The Long Goodbye’ which provided statistics on the alarming high portion of healthcare...Read more

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2022 15 Mar

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