JPR 2014: Esaote Launches New CrystaLine

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Enhancing the productivity, efficiency and value of ultrasound and realising application of ultrasound through prevention, diagnosis to intervention & therapy

At the 44th São Paulo Radiological Meeting Esaote, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical diagnostic systems, launches CrystaLine, a significant evolution of its ultrasound technology that delivers new levels of accuracy, quality, versatility and value.

CrystaLine’s superior technical capabilities enable high quality images to be captured at greater depth in the body. This significant improvement overcomes the challenges associated with larger and more technically difficult to scan patients.

CrystaLine incorporates specific hardware and software features that build on the advanced eHD ultrasound technology Esaote introduced last year. The reality of higher quality, clearer imaging at increased depth now enables clinicians to confidently use ultrasound in borderline examinations and interventional ultrasound procedures.

Carlos Faustmann, Esaote’s Chief Global Marketing and Domestic Sales Officer, explains: “Ultrasound is highly valued for its safe, non-invasive nature, and continues to evolve and prove its value. One of the challenges has been capturing high quality images in those technically difficult patients. CrystaLine changes all that.”

A flexible tool for multiple Ultrasound applications
Major technical improvements provided by CrystaLine include Combined Pulse Imaging Technology which effectively increases depth-of-field, improving the imaging of structures deeper in the body. Combined with the new XView+ speckle- noise reduction system, fully adjustable by the operator, helps to produce an optimal personalised image.

Esaote systems with CrystaLine are also able to synchronise in real-time with therapeutic applications such as Echolaser to guide later ablation and other procedures. 

“CrystaLine enables clinicians to synchronise with interventional systems such as medical lasers,” continues Faustmann. “This feature plus the introduction of the 0 degrees biopsy-interventional dedicated probe, is an example of the huge potential for Esaote and ultrasound in direct therapeutic applications.”

CrystaLine is available across Esaote’sMyLabTwice, Seven and Alpha ultrasound systems.

Additional Dedicated MRI advances unveiled at JPR
The new eXP Technology upgrade for Esaote’s Dedicated MRI systems enables faster examinations and increased diagnostic confidence. eXP Technology will be showcased at the Esaote booth on the O-scan, S-scan and G-scan Brio, where clinical image presentations will be conducted to demonstrate enhanced image quality. 

For clinicians who would like to experience these advances first hand, an Esaote Satellite Symposium on Advanced Applications of Ultrasound in Image Fusion and Laser treatment in Interventional Ultrasound will be held at JPR 2014.

Upgrade for existing systems Esaote MyLabTMTwice, Seven and Alpha systems are showcased with CrystaLine at JPR 2014 together with MyLab 40 with eHD Technology and MyLab ClassC. In Dedicated MRI the eXP Technology on G-scan brio, O-scan and S-scan complete the Esaote up-to-date product range. CrystaLine and eXP Technologywill be available as an upgrade to existing versions of these systems later this year.

1 May, 2014

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Published on : Fri, 2 May 2014

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Imaging, MRI, Ultrasound, Esaote, Congress, JPR 2014, interventional ultrasound Enhancing the productivity, efficiency and value of ultrasound and realising application of ultrasound through prevention, diagnosis to intervention &

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