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Ebit & DiA Imaging Analysis partner offering Advanced AI-based Cardiac Ultrasound Analysis

2019 26 Mar

DiA Imaging Analysis, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ultrasound analysis tools, announced today that it has partnered with the Italian healthcare IT company Ebit (Esaote Group), to offer DiA’s LVivo Cardiac Toolbox as an integrated part of Ebit's SUITESTENSA CVIS (Cardiovascular Information System ) PACS. The... Read more

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MyLab™Eight: New Flagship Product in Esaote MyLab™ Ultrasound Family

2016 02 Mar

As a leading player in the diagnostic ultrasound market, Esaote has more than 30 years of experience in developing and fine-tuning ultrasound systems and probes for a broad range of clinical segments.   MyLab™ ultrasound solutions are designed to meet the most demanding clinical needs in many applications: from abdominal to vascular, including musculoskeletal,... Read more

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New Handheld Probe Has Powerful Imaging Capability

2014 08 Nov

A team of university and industry researchers in the Netherlands and France have developed a new handheld probe that offers powerful new imaging capabilities to doctors. The device has been discussed in a recent paper published in The Optical Society's (OSA) open-access journal Optics Express. The project is the result of collaboration between... Read more

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2014 27 Sep

On the occasion of Esaote’s recent launch of their latest mobile ultrasound diagnostic tools MyLab Gamma and MyLab 6, HealthManagement sat down with Carlos Faustmann to talk about Esaote’s approach and strategy in the competitive ultrasound market. Congratulations on the launch. It appears these new machines are the perfect diagnostic tool at an... Read more

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ESC 2014: Esaote is Launching Mylab™Gamma

2014 26 Aug

Smart, portable ultrasound now available wherever, whenever, delivering affordable productivity, efficiency, value Compact, highly portable, wireless connected, ready for use in seconds Fully customisable using ¬ Touch feature Advanced tools facilitate more accurate diagnosis Ergonomic design for fast workflow and patient throughput Two probe... Read more

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JPR 2014: Esaote Launches New CrystaLine

2014 02 May

Enhancing the productivity, efficiency and value of ultrasound and realising application of ultrasound through prevention, diagnosis to intervention & therapy At the 44th São Paulo Radiological Meeting Esaote, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical diagnostic systems, launches CrystaLine, a significant evolution of its ultrasound technology... Read more

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Esaote Enhances Ultrasound with CrystaLine Technology

2014 04 Apr

With the launch of CrystaLine technology at the European Congress of Radiology in March, Esaote is focusing on application of ultrasound through the chain of prevention, diagnosis, intervention and therapy. CrystaLine includes enhancements to hardware and software that build on Esaote's eHD ultrasound technology.  Major technical improvements... Read more

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Esaote MRI Installation in U.S.

2013 28 May

Esaote has announced the first U.S. installation of its G-scan Brio MRI system at Clinica Venamer in Miami, Florida.   The G-scan Brio is a musculoskeletal MRI system that enables cost-effective, weight-bearing or ‘stand-up’ MRI, in one unit. The G-Scan Brio is suited for pathologies where a normal MRI appears negative, but where the patient experiences... Read more

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Esaote Launches Tablet-Size Vascular Ultrasound System

2013 03 May

Esaote's MyLabTMOne Vascular is the first tablet-size ultrasound dedicated to vascular care. The system has a touch-screen display, interchangeable probes, long-life battery, internal archive and wireless connectivity for data sharing. In addition to high quality standard B-mode, Colour and Doppler it includes exclusive technology to measure intima... Read more