#ECR2019 Sensational opening touched hearts and minds

#ECR2019 Sensational opening touched hearts and minds
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The Grand Opening event of the European Congress of Radiology's 25th meeting in Vienna was a spectacular and true to it's "Five Senses" theme sensational experience. Honouring it's reputation, ECR’s proved once more it is the most innovative medical meeting in the world, ECR 2019 offering a range of novel features, in science, education and social gatherings.

This year the traditional opening ceremony was transformed into a magnificent inauguration, embodying the ECR 2019 tagline ‘the bigger picture’. The five senses concept permeated the Grand Opening; where an awe inspiring multimedia sculpture of ancient Greek God of the Sea Poseidon oversaw the stage. Impeccable down to the last details, with even the creation of exquisite custom scents not only for the ceremony but designed by a master perfumer for each honouree to set a unique and intimate atmosphere. All eyes were laser focused on the magnificent stage and light design created by the visual artist Amra Bergman. Live music was performed throughout the event, reflecting the dignitaries’ favourite tunes. 

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ESR President, Professor Lorenzo E. Derchi from Genoa opened the event providing the mentality and definition of the "bigger picture" he envisions for ESR, radiology, healthcare, medicine and life itself. "What the bigger picture means to me," said Prof. Derchi, highlighting the goal to make "the congress a little more spectacular" was part of a longer and more substantial legacy that began in 1991 and has come to encompass the spirit of cooperation and friendship among colleagues. "ECR 2019 would be nothing without the other 25 that preceded – the bigger picture- each president passes the baton to the next one, and we are only as strong as our weakest link" said Prof. Derchi. "Over the course of these 25 years what have built would not be what it is without the invaluable efforts of all the past presidents that came before me."

"Together we are more than the sum of our parts. Together we can create the bigger picture and 
we can come together and become friends even if our governments are not," said Derchi in a powerful moment before he asked all the past ESR presidents seated in the audience to stand and accept a roaring standing ovation from the overflowing hall.

"I thank all former presidents. I want us to remember, each one of us practicing in this profession alone during the year,  it is when we all join together here that it becomes real and we see the large scale it has taken. We are in effect much more than an accumulation of training and experience; our colleagues are our friends and companions in our long journey.  Artificial Intelligence is the focus and the concern of caring for the patient noted Derchi while asking the audience "how many times do we really take care of the patients needs in our daily practice?"

He went on to remind the attendees that there are still many communities around the world where the most fundamental access to radiology and imaging is impossible. "Imagine what our lives would be without our modern modalities, without ultrasound and ultrasonography a world without imaging. Now imagine a world where everyone has access to the latest and best quality of imaging. Together we are able to achieve this scenario- you may say Im a dreamer but I’m not the only one” said Prof. Derchi and went on to present a heartfelt and elegant In Memoriam tribute to the late professor Alexander R. Margulis  and professor Ian Isherwood.

The 2019 ESR Honorary Members: Michael Grace Kawooya  from the Department of Radiology of the School of Medicine, Makerere University and College of Health Sciences in Kampala, Uganda  thanked his professors in Uganda, Philadelfia, and ESR. " I accept this in honour of my parents who saw me through school which was hard in Africa. I thank my colleagues and mentors, the teamwork from faculty and colleagues in Kampala Uganda, I thank God. I shyly attended this congress and was guided to create and build initiatives in Africa and Uganda a journey that has lead me to this moment."

Federico G. Lubinus professor of radiology and director of the radiology residency programme at the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Colombia said he considers ones professional journey more than "the sum of the opportunities you have, the relationships you make; I never imagined to be honoured by this organisation, as I never imagined to be head of my radiology department. Thank you to the ESR; thank you for being nice people."

Former RSNA President Vijay M. Rao professor and chair of the David C. Levin Department of Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University expressed her gratitude for receiving the honour, she said she was delighted that her daughter was with her there to celebrate and thanked her mentors and leaders who believed in her and supported her. "To the young radiologists I want to say this is an exciting time to be a radiologist. I encourage you to be part of ESR, to volunteer. Serving as RSNA president gave me the opportunity to make friends around the world and this is really west meets east."

The Gold Medalists honoured this year: 

Anna-Maria Belli professor of interventional radiology at St. George’s Hospital in London said " interventional radiologists, we are two sides of the same coin – but we do have different outlooks," she highlighted how together the disciplines can strengthen the clinical aspect and also how meaningful cooperation will be the key to success in the future "where we face many many threats."
"Women," she stated, "we are lacking in attracting women in interventional radiology compared to our surgical colleagues. It is clear we need more women for the future of interventional radiology."

In recognition of his achievements and long-time commitment to European radiology, Professor Luis Donoso-Bach from Barcelona, Spain. "I am here more because of the power of teamwork rather than the strength of my individual achievements," said Prof. Donoso adding, "I am a strong proponent of gender diversity in radiology."
He said his mother 86 years old was in the audience. "I thank the ESR for their friendship and the honour they have bestowed upon me tonight."

Professor Valentin Sinitsyn chair of radiology and head of the Radiology Department at the medical faculty of Moscow Lomonosov State University, Moscow.

The event was accompanied by a full-size orchestra, which was on stage throughout the evening. World-renowned architect Sir David Adjaye from London was the keynote speaker and shared his thoughts on social architecture, technology in regards to museums and libraries; how technology can create amazing spaces and how spaces can create an area to heal and reflect.

Source: HealthManagement.org live coverage
Image Credit: HealthManagement.org  live coverage 

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Published on : Thu, 28 Feb 2019

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Radiology, RSNA, ECR Vienna, ECR 2019 The Grand Opening event of the European Congress of Radiology's 25th meeting in Vienna was a spectacular and true to it's "Five Senses" theme sensational experience. Honouring it's reputation, ECR’s proved once more it is the most innovative medical meeti

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