#ECR2019: Women see the bigger picture: leading by example

#ECR2019: Women see the bigger picture: leading by example
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Women in Focus, is a brand new initiative which opened at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), 2019.

These events have focused on non-scientific sessions dedicated to women working in healthcare and organised by Prof. Hedvig Hricak. Each session has included a live audience polling and panel discussions, where the panelist and audience have been encouraged to share their own views on the topics discussed.

One of the sessions held on Thursday 28 February and titled The Bigger Picture; Leading by Example, had a selection of inspirational speakers sharing their views on their personal tips on what they believe has helped them climb the corporate ladder to become leaders within their profession and remain there.

This particular session was very interesting and useful for anyone (not just within the health care industry) who wanted to improve themselves both personally and professionally.

Below is a collection of tips for success shared by the speakers who included Cally Palmer, Catherine Estrampes, MBA and Dr. Lilian Leong.

'It should never be about yourself but about your team as they don't like it'

  1. Choose where you work carefully, make sure it's an environment where you're surrounded by positive influences and thrive.
  2. Make sure you articulate a clear vision and roadmap for any project in a way that your team and associates understand. 
  3. Integrity is a major tool of leadership. It is based on self-knowledge and candour.
  4. Trust must be earned.
  5. Persevere, all too often the easy option is to walk away but this will not make you stronger or drive you forward.
  6. Listen very carefully to your team and help empower them.
  7. Building a network of trusted advisers is vital for leadership - look for mentors who can support you on your journey. Also it is vital to be resilient and believe in yourself and capabilities.
  8. Embrace every opportunity despite rarely feeling you're fully ready to. So jump in and take it because you will be very surprised at just how capable you really are.
  9. Be daring, this does not mean being reckless but don't allow fear to take your voice or opportunities away.
  10. Don't fall into the trap of trying to emulate your aggressive colleagues. Sharing, caring, listening, coaching, creating a place of belonging, being direct and challenging but also collaborating.
  11. The greatest barriers in life are usually the ones you set up for yourself. Believe in yourself is usually the tool to break down these barriers.
  12. Delegate and trust who you choose so you can spend more time being innovative.

Take Home Message by Dr.Michael Fuchsjager

  • Leadership and Work/Life Balance
  • Family: Be available when your family needs help even if it means altering your own way of life and plans.
  • A partner in your life:
  • Always try to relocate together; or do not let separation last long. Try to educate each other about your jobs (the good and bad) as it may be fun and enhance mutual respect. Never ever disparage your partner's occupation.
Source: HealthManagement.org live coverage
Image credit: HealthManagement.org live coverage

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Published on : Fri, 1 Mar 2019

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Radiology, ECR, #ECR2019, Women in Focus Women in Focus, is a brand new initiative which opened at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), 2019.

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