Affidea and GE Healthcare sign a $100 million technology partnership agreement for innovative imaging fleet, digital workflow solutions and contrast media

GE Healthcare and Affidea, the pan-European leader in advanced diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, have signed a multi-year agreement to deploy imaging and digital technologies across the Affidea network.

GE Healthcare will install 200+ new equipment in Affidea’s network of centers across Europe. The deal includes the provision of 60 new MRIs, 50 ultrasound devices, 40 CT scanners and 30 X-rays machines in the next 3 years. It also includes a six-year service contract.

In addition, Affidea expands its collaboration with GE Healthcare in pharmaceutical diagnostics in all its geographies, to include Clariscan, GE Healthcare's new contrast media product, used in MRI exams.

With this partnership agreement, Affidea and GE Healthcare aim to complete the activation of Affidea's fleet of imaging equipment as a data-driven, connected and networked functionality, to enable clinicians’ collaboration, enhance sub-specialization and support business leaders to measurably improve operations near real time.

Affidea will deploy PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) driven post-processing hubs with the latest technologies and performance analytics capabilities with imaging insights, using GE Healthcare’s Edison intelligence platform at scale.

GE Healthcare and Affidea will also combine their respective clinical education, lean and leadership development expertise using digital technologies to accelerate best practice adoption.

As leading diagnostic and digital technologies innovators, both GE Healthcare and Affidea are committed to continue co-developing diagnostic workflow solutions aimed at fostering value-based healthcare and promoting precision medicine along the care pathway.

“In the era of data-driven healthcare, the potential to make a positive impact on patients and doctors’ experience is impressive. Our goal is to support doctors and our operational teams for the benefit of our patients by using data analytics as a new way of orchestrating patient care and improving their experience. We are very happy that we could collaborate with GE Healthcare on this important project, which will accelerate the delivery of data-driven precision health.” - said Giuseppe Recchi, CEO of Affidea Group.

“As a leading provider of medical imaging and monitoring intelligent devices, we are delighted to be cooperating with Affidea to enable broader access to the latest digital healthcare and imaging technologies in hospitals across Europe.”- said Catherine Estrampes, President and CEO, GE Healthcare Europe.

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