Updated enterprise imaging XERO Viewer's new functionalities support the “continuum of care, anytime, anywhere”

•    Access the patients’ extensive imaging record in a single zero download application.
•    New functionalities support greater collaboration and clinical depth.
•    New patient-centric view.
•    ‘Full Fidelity View' enables physicians and care teams to retrieve original, full-quality renditions of stored images.

Agfa HealthCare announces that it is showing its work-in-progress, updated Enterprise Imaging XERO Viewer at RSNA 2014, in Chicago, USA from November 30 to December 5, 2014. With its new functionalities, the Enterprise Imaging XERO Viewer will offer a patient-centric view accessible on a single application-based viewer, supporting greater collaboration, clinical depth, a more informed diagnosis and a true longitudinal patient image record.

The new functionalities and features to be shown at RSNA 2014 include:

Full Fidelity View:
will enable physicians and care teams to retrieve original quality renditions of stored DX, CT, MRI and US images from any connected browser-based viewer. Users will be able to easily switch between the ‘Web Fidelity View’ offering ‘reference’-quality images and ‘Full Fidelity View’ offering diagnosis-quality images.

Patient-centric timeline view: will give clinicians access to a chronologic, single unified view of the patient imaging record

ECG viewing:
will allow ECGs to be viewed in various layouts, such as 2x6+1. Users will be able to change the waveform size and amplitude, and take waveform measurements on all ECGs. Low and high pass filter functionality will be available, and current image data will be able to be compared with prior ECGs.

Chat and share: will support communication and collaboration along the patient care continuum. Login via a wide range of instant messaging services will offer immediate online communication chat via text, voice or video. Users will be able to send notifications, ask for a second opinion, share additional information and more, while advanced visualisation tools and measurements etc. will be available for both contacts.

Multi-media upload for mobile and web capture: will extend the import functionality to include not only DICOM images, but also non-DICOM objects from any source, directly into the patient file (EHR). Built in safety features will help reduce misidentification of patients or images

Calibrated measurements: for images that do not contain any pre-existing DICOM-based measurement calibration. The user will be able to create a reference measurement for the image; all subsequent measurements using markup tools will then be calibrated against this reference measurement.

Federated Network: will bring together patient images from multiple sources across the entire healthcare system in one consolidated view. Radiologists will be able to retrieve images from other PACS systems directly into their own PACS, with a single mouse click.

Try out Google® GlassTM and wearables**
How will wearable computing devices become part of patient image viewing? What are the future possibilities? Visitors to the Agfa booth can try them out and see how they might support positive patient identification, or allow ‘hands-free’ control of the Web Viewer.

** Google® GlassTM and wearables shown for trade show entertainment and illustration purposes only. Not validated for use with Agfa HealthCare products.

Source and image credit: Agfa Healthcare

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