Agfa HealthCare, Park Place International Optimise MEDITECH EHRs

Agfa HealthCare, Park Place International Optimise MEDITECH EHRs
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Agfa HealthCare has announced a collaboration with Park Place International (PPI) to integrate and resell the Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Portfolio to optimise the MEDITECH electronic health record (EHR). This solution provides multi-media electronic content management for MEDITECH EHRs and enhances value based performance goals.

The changing model to pay for performance

There is an increasing requirement for shared medical information and access to the complete longitudinal patient record more than ever before. Working with PPI, a MEDITECH Collaborative Solutions Provider, Agfa HealthCare is helping deliver ubiquitous access to medical imaging without boundaries in MEDITECH EHR environments. Agfa HealthCare's seamless integration with the MEDITECH EHR enables healthcare providers to quickly retrieve images and reports on-demand, improving the delivery of patient care and expanding the base of available patient information.

Integrating clinical information and medical images

Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging Portfolio is a new, comprehensive approach to enterprise imaging management that delivers a workflow-centric platform to make multispeciality image data readily available to physicians across the continuum of care. This model supports the potential clinical and resource benefits of imaging that are provided by an EHR.  This new platform transcends the IT benefits delivered by a traditional Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) to include Value Based Performance enhancements to help meet Medicare reimbursements that may be earned back by performing well on a set of quality metrics.

Additionally, Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging XERO Viewer leverages existing technology investments by providing a unified interface within the MEDITECH application for images and reports, regardless of location, origin, or application.  The XERO Viewer offers the ability to retrieve patient exams from external sources while in the MEDITECH EHR without disrupting the clinical workflow, enabling access to a more complete patient history and improving the delivery of care.

"Our collaboration with Agfa HealthCare provides MEDITECH hospitals with solutions for an enterprise-wide view of the patient record by enabling access to patient images and reports within the MEDITECH EHR," said Jim Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President, PPI. "By implementing the Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging Portfolio, hospitals can enhance their existing technology investment in MEDITECH, support existing clinical workflows, enhance the delivery of patient care and as a result enhance value based performance metrics unique to our new solution."

"Our integration of Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging XERO Viewer with MEDITECH exemplifies how Agfa HealthCare empowers caregivers to view the complete longitudinal health information record in context," explains Lenny J. Reznik, Director, Enterprise Imaging and Information Solutions, Agfa HealthCare North America. "This alignment of clinical information and medical images, along with the ubiquity of secure access, should be the new norm in healthcare - not the exception. We look forward to assisting MEDITECH hospitals to meet their pay for performance goals through the introduction of visual healthcare and our comprehensive Enterprise Imaging Portfolio"

Source and image credit: Agfa Healthcare

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Published on : Fri, 21 Nov 2014

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Imaging, patient records, medical imaging, Agfa Healthcare, electronic health record, MEDITECH Agfa HealthCare has announced a collaboration with Park Place International (PPI) to integrate and resell the Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Portfolio...

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