ICU Management & Practice, Volume 19 - Issue 4, Winter 2019/2020

ICU Management & Practice 2019 Subject Index

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Subject Index for Volume 19, issues 1-4, 2019.

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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

  • Use of sedation and controlled paralysis in ICU patients with ARDS. 19(2):70.

Acute Stroke

  • New recommendations for stroke systems of care - American Stroke Association policy statement.19(2):71.


  • Martinez-Sagasti F, Garcia MS. Should "empiric" antibiotic therapy be considered old-fashioned?19(1):63.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Herasevich V, Keegan MT, Johnston MD, Pickering BW. Will Artificial Intelligence Change ICU Practice? 19(4):218-221.
  • Martin GS. The Intersection of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Precision and Predictive Medicine to Create the Future of Critical Care.19(4):228-231.




  • Hamilton DK, Swoboda SM, Cadenhead CD. Future ICU Design: Return to High Visibility.19(4):210-213.


  • Cox E, van der Horst I. The Intelligent Intensive Care Unit; Integrating Care, Research and Education. 19(4):232-235.
  • Wickenden S. Tea trolley teaching: the what, why and benefits. 17(2):142.

End-of-life care


  • Habenbacher W. Can Goal-Directed Therapy solve the economic burden of postsurgical complications? 19(2):78-79.

Kidney Injury

  • Fray S. The establishment and provision of an acute kidney injury service at a tertiary renal centre. 19(1):53-54.


  • Kirov M, Kuzkov V, Bjertnaes L. Extravascular lung water as a target for intensive care. 19(1):46-50.
  • Michard F, Fortunato M, Pratas A, Rodrigues de Oliveira SA. The Future of Haemodynamic Monitoring: From Planet Mars to Resource Limited Countries. 19(4):198-201.


  • Ranucci M. Coagulopathy During Cardiac Surgery: The Role of Factor Concentrates. 19(3):136-137.


  • Azoulay É. Knowledge Transfer to Improve Outcomes in Critically Ill Immunocompromised Patients. 19(3):188-189.


  • Trends in epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance in intensive care units. 19(1):8.
  • Results of the ABATE infection trial. 19(1):8-9.


  • Busse L, Coopersmith CM. A Framework for Addressing Seasonal Influenza: A Critical Care Perspective. 19(4):214-217.


Informatics & Technology

  • Beaucote V, Clovet O, Lescot T, Esnault A.Virtual Reality in the Intensive Care Unit: State of Play and Future Prospects. 19(3):180-181.
  • Kyprianou T. The role of disruptive and hybrid technologies in acute care. 19(1):42-44.
  • Kyprianou T. Seven steps to design, procure, implement and maintain a Clinical Information System for your ICU. 19(2):96-99.
  • Naharro-Abellán A, Lobo-Valbuena B, Gordo F. Clinical Decision Support Systems: Future or Present in ICU? 19(3):202-205.
  • Ramos FD, Salluh J. Data-driven management for intensive care units. 19(1):20-23.


  • Higgs A, Goodhand S, Joyce A. Introducing the Intubation Credit Card. 19(4):236-239.
  • Iliopoulou K, Xyrichis A. Critical Care Telemedicine: A Management Fad or the Future of ICU Practice? 19(4):226-227.
  • Ochoa JB. The business of research. 19(1):30-32.  
  • Vincent JL Innovation. 19(1):1.
  • Vincent JL. The Future ICU. 19(4):193.


  • Antonelli M. Challenges in the Management of the Critically Ill Patient. 19(3):190-192.
  • Moreno RP. Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of the Critically Ill Patient. 19(4):247-248.
  • Rossaint R. European guidelines on the management of traumatic induced bleeding. 19(2):124-125.
  • Saugel B. Noninvasive technologies for personalised haemodynamic monitoring. 19(1):60-62.

Mechanical Ventilation

  • Sleep index, wakefulness can predict patient ability to breathe on their own. 19(1):6.
  • Frenzel T, van der Hoeven JG, Roesthuis L. A structural approach for diagnosing weaning failure. 19(2):110-113.
  • Gordo F, Lobo-Valbuena B, Abella A. Innovations in ICU ventilation. 19(1):15-18.

Management and Leadership

  • Abrams MP. Keeping the Person in Personalised Medicine. 19(2):122-123.
  • Bakshi V. The role of the Physician Assistant in critical care. 19(1):56-57.
  • Kleinpell R, Good V. Burnout syndrome in critical care: what needs to happen now? 19(2):127.
  • Micocci M, Tase A, Ni M, Buckle P, Rubulotta F. Shaping the Human Side of
  • Medical Devices in Critical Care: The Implication of Human Factor Studies in Clinical Settings. 19(4):244-247.
  • Pronovost P. What should the intensivist of the future look like? 19(2):127.


  • Michard F, Bellomo R, Gan TJ. Protecting ward patients. 19(1):10-14.


  • Addressing Malnutrition in Critically Ill Patients. 19(3):150-151.
  • Casear MP, Van den Bergh G, Gunst J. New ESPEN Guidelines for Nutrition in the Critically Ill: Help, What Happened!? 19(3):142-144.
  • Fraipoint V, Preiser JC. New Trends in ICU Nutrition. 19(3):146-148.
  • Hart N. The Metabolic Phenotype of Skeletal Muscle During Early Critical Illness. 19(3):162.
  • Jakob S. What Did We Learn From Nutritional Monitoring? 19(3):160.
  • Martucci G, Amrein K, Ney J. Vitamin D deficiency in ICU patients. 19(2):114-116.
  • Mehta N. Emerging Concepts in Nutritional Therapy for the Critically Ill Child. 19(3):152-159.
  • Rice T. DIVINE Nutritional Management in ICU. 19(3):161.
  • Ridley EJ, Chapman M, Lambell K, Peake S. Obesity and Nutrition in Critical Illness. 19(3):165-168.
  • Singer P, Elia L. Technology innovations in delivering accurate nutrition. 19(1):25-28.
  • Vincent JL. Nutrition. 19(3):129
  • Wischmeyer PE, Molinger J. Objective Malnutrition Diagnosis and Personalised Nutrition Delivery in the ICU. 19(3):169-174.


  • Choong K. PICU-acquired complications: the new marker of the quality of care. 19(2):85-88.
  • Esteban E, Jordan I, Cambra FJ. Caring for the children in the PICU. 19(2):90-93.
  • Kudchadkar SR. PICU Up! A multicomponent early mobility intervention for critically ill children. 19(2):80-83.
  • Malakooti M. Virtual reality experience in the PICU. 19(2):94-95.
  • Mehta N. Quality improvement in the PICU – a primer for intensivists. 19(2):74-77.
  • Vincent JL. Paediatrics. 19(2):65.

Pain Management

  • Acute pain estimation, postoperative pain resolution, opioid cessation, and recovery. 19(1):7.
  • Chanques G. Sedation and Analgesia. Supplement 19(1):III-V.
  • Use of opioids in the ICU not linked to continued prescriptions. 19(2):73.
  • Vincent JL. How to manage sedation analgesia for patient-centred care in the ICU. Supplement 19(1):II.
  • Xavier C. Pain management through multimodal analgesia in the ICU. Supplement 19(1):VI-VIII.

Patient & family Perspectives

Patient Safety         

  • Gandhi A, Chan WY, Meyers C, Barach P, Rubolotta F. Pre-packed Critical Care Drug Pouch for Acute Patient Care. 19(3):182-187.


  • Comellini V, Artigas A, Nava S. Respiratory physiotherapy in critically ill patients. 19(2):100-108.


Pastene B, Leone M. Future strategies in sedation and analgesia. 19(4):222-225.

Sedation with dexmedetomidine in critically ill patients. 19(2):73.  



  • Derbyshire J. Noise in the intensive care unit: where does it come from and what can you do about it? 19(2):118-120.

Speech and language therapy

  • McRae J. The Role of Speech and Language Therapy Supporting Nutritional Management in ICU. 19(3):176-179.


  • Levy J. Treatment Options for Factor-Xa Inhibitor-Related Bleeding. 19(3):138-139.
  • Spahn DR. Pathophysiology of Trauma and Revised European Trauma Guidelines. 19(3):134-135.


  • Butnar A, Wong A, Ho S, Malbrain M. The Future of Critical Care Ultrasound (CCUS). 19(4):206-209.
  • Nikhanj N. Bedside Ultrasonography: Six success factors for implementation. 19(2):127.

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