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The role of autophagy in the metabolism and outcomes after surgery

2017 15 Sep

Increasing evidence implicates autophagy as repair process crucial for recovery from critical illness-induced vital organ failure and muscle weakness. This article summarises recent evidence and highlights potential implications for therapy.   Progress in intensive care medicine has resulted in improved survival from acute life-threatening conditions.... Read more

ICU Management

Continuing rehabilitation after intensive care unit discharge

2017 15 Sep

Opportunities for technology and innovationThis article discusses technological innovations that promote survival and enhance recovery, starting within the ICU with developments in ventilation, sedation, early mobility and ICU design. Post-ICU, the establishment of follow-up services is discussed, as are initiatives for sharing patient information to... Read more

ICU Management

Is there a ‘weekend effect’ for ICU mortality?

2017 07 Sep

The risk of dying in the intensive care unit (ICU) is higher for patients admitted at the weekend compared to a weekday, according to a study published in Critical Care. On the other hand the risk of dying in the ICU on a weekend was found to be lower than on a weekday, highlighting the complexity of the so-called 'weekend effect’. While the causes... Read more

ICU Management

ICU Patients: Impact of Nutritional Support on Outcomes

2017 05 Sep

Survivorship is at the forefront of critical care research, hence it is imperative that nutrition studies carefully consider biological mechanisms and trial design because these factors can strongly influence outcomes, in particular long-term physical and functional outcome, says a review paper in the journal Critical Care. "Failure to do so may lead... Read more

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ICU Costs Higher for Patients Dying Before Discharge

2017 22 Aug

The high cost of critical care has engendered research into identifying influential factors. However, previous studies have not considered patient vital status at ICU discharge. This is what a new study has found: The largest drivers of ICU costs at the patient level are day 1 room occupancy and day 1 mechanical ventilation, and mortality before unit... Read more

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5-Year Trends of Critical Care Practice and Outcomes

2017 15 Aug

According to researchers in the U.S., analyses of patients, practices, and outcomes from a large geographically dispersed sample of adult ICUs revealed trends of increasing age and acuity, higher rates of adherence to best practice, use of non-invasive mechanical ventilation and decreased use of antimicrobials, transfusions, and duration of renal replacement... Read more

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Global Study: Most ICU Patients Underfed

2017 08 Aug

A large international multicentre cohort study shows that most of the patients are underfed during their ICU stay. In their findings published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, researchers say most of the patients in intensive care are receiving the same amount of calories regardless of their condition, patient's well-being is not satisfied, and delayed... Read more

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Detecting Consciousness in Patients with Severe TBI

2017 25 Jul

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) can be used to identify ICU patients with severe traumatic brain injuries who have a level of consciousness not revealed by the standard bedside neurological examination. Early detection of consciousness and brain function in the intensive care unit could alter time-sensitive... Read more

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ICU Patients: Delayed Intubation Linked to Poor Outcome

2017 27 Jun

The optimal timing of endotracheal intubation in critically ill patients requiring invasive mechanical ventilation remains undefined. A new analysis of the large, prospective Intensive Care Over Nations (ICON) database compares patients who underwent intubation early – within two days of ICU admission – to those who underwent intubation later. Results... Read more