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2014 21 Mar

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center deploys three Carestream imaging systems capturing 1,800 portable exams a month; hospital has reduced fleet of mobile systems by one-third OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois has installed one CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System and two CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kits to help provide...Read more

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2016 28 Mar

The University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis , in an area where stroke incidence is 37 percent higher than the national average, has launched the world’s most comprehensive mobile stroke unit, capable of conducting and producing advanced quality imaging for stroke diagnosis and noninvasive CT-angiography. This is the first...Read more

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2019 06 Sep

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2018 12 Jun

 The X-Porte’s touchscreen control and excellent image resolution offer significant benefits for time-critical care   Ultrasound technology is playing a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of critical care patients at Watford Hospital, part of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Dr Devaraja Acharya, Consultant in Anaesthesia and...Read more

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2022 25 May

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2021 02 Feb

Despite a falling number of COVID–19 patients in ICU, imaging departments are facing another surge in demand, explains Dr James Diss, Radiology Registrar at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) NHS Trust in the UK. And technology will be vital in helping them continue to provide high-quality care. With only one COVID-19 patient in ICU following...Read more

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2021 03 Nov

During magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology’s dawn years, the cost vs the performance gains associated with stronger magnetic fields were open questions. The idea of using low-field MRI (< 1.5 T of magnetic field) is not new, but the performance cost equation favoured larger magnetic fields. For the last 30 years, the MRI standard has been 1.5...Read more