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Understanding the role of haematopoietic growth factors in sepsis

2018 04 Jul

Sepsis is a complex syndrome characterised by simultaneous activation of pro- and anti-inflammatory processes. During sepsis, immune cells undergo profound phenotypic modifications in their activation state, response to stimuli, localisation, and numbers. These phenomena are finely regulated by various cytokines and haematopoietic growth factors... Read more

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Educational intervention leads to improved sepsis treatment

2018 03 Jul

The incidence of sepsis – a condition that is associated with high morbidity and mortality – seems to be increasing. Early appropriate antibiotic treatment is essential to improve survival. Researchers in Spain say that despite advances in sepsis treatment in recent years, educational interventions can still improve the delivery of care.  Further... Read more

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Understanding the mechanisms of sepsis is key to effective treatment

2018 27 Jun

Sepsis is a leading cause of intensive care unit (ICU) admission in older patients. Currently, however, the only therapies for sepsis remain supportive care, including prompt administration of antibiotics, adequate source control of the underlying infection (if known), and vigilance to prevent iatrogenicity and the other complications of being... Read more

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The Accelerate Pheno™ system in clinical practice: fast and accurate turnaround for critical results

2018 01 Jun

Our clinical experiences of using the Accelerate Pheno™ system have greatly benefited patient care, providing earlier diagnostic certainty. Two complex sepsis cases are discussed, where the impact of rapid identification, with antibiotic sensitivities, of the causative organism from blood cultures is described. At Hampshire Hospitals NHS... Read more

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2nd World Sepsis Congress

2018 05 Sep

Find World Sepsis Congress on Social Media       Read more

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Central venous oxygen desaturation during early sepsis linked to higher mortality

2018 29 May

In the ALBIOS trial, persistence of low (<70%) central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO2) during early sepsis was associated with higher 90-day mortality, possibly because it reflected underlying cardiac dysfunction, according to an analysis published online in the journal CHEST. Subjects with ScvO2 <70% may benefit most from individually tailored... Read more

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Sepsis: early lactate measurements make a difference

2018 29 May

Sepsis has become a leading cause of in-hospital death and new research findings may help explain why this is so. A significant number of patients with suspected sepsis do not have their lactates measured within the recommended timeframe and, as a result, they experience delayed antibiotic therapy and IV fluid administration, as well as increased... Read more

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Paradigm shift in sepsis prevention

2018 15 May

There is a paradigm shift happening for sepsis. "Sepsis is no longer solely conceptualised as problem of individual patients treated in emergency departments and intensive care units but also as one that is addressed as public health issue with population- and systems-based solutions," says a commentary in the journal Critical Care.  Such a... Read more

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HHFT pioneers use of diagnostic tools for earlier optimisation for sepsis patients

2018 08 May

… Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) times reduced from days to hours….   Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) is pioneering the use of the Accelerate Pheno TM system from Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc., (Accelerate Diagnostics) a leading in vitro diagnostics company, to speed up and improve the diagnostic outcome of antibiotic... Read more