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Atrial Fibrillation and Sepsis: A Life-Threatening Combination

2020 08 Oct

Almost half of the patients with sepsis suffer from myocardial depression and a reduced ejection fraction. Sepsis can also cause changes in circulating volume, vascular tone, and coronary blood flow, all of which affect heart function and heart rate. Serum catecholamine levels and direct measurements of renal sympathetic nerve activity have shown that... Read more

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Early Identification of Sepsis- Web Symposium

2020 17 Nov

Speakers Prof. Dr Steven Opal Alpert Medical School of Brown University, USA Dr Bruno Francois Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Limoges, France Dr Angelo Giacomucci Unita di Terapia Intensiva, Azienda Ospedaliera di Perugia, Italy Dr Phillipe Eggimann Centre Hopsitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Switzerland   Find Abionic on Social... Read more

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COVID-19: Still Poorly Understood

2020 02 Oct

During the first few months of the coronavirus disease, it was being suggested that severe COVID-19 may represent a hyperimmune disorder, similar to secondary haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (sHLH) and macrophage activation syndrome (MAS). Cytokine storm, elevated plasma levels, ferritin and inflammatory biomarkers are all typical signs of sHLH/MAS.... Read more

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Promising Techniques in Sepsis After Cardiac Surgery

2020 14 Sep

The purpose of this article is to give an up-to-date, comprehensive review on the utilisation of extracorporeal blood purification techniques and immunostimulation in septic patients after cardiac surgery. Introduction Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening state caused by an infection and an inadequate, dysregulated host immune... Read more

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Advances in Sepsis Research – New Tools Against One of the Oldest Diseases?

2020 14 Sep

Sepsis and septic shock are the leading causes of death in the ICU. With an estimated mortality rate of 40-60%, septic shock is in the focus of adult critical care medicine. It is broadly accepted that intervention in the very early phase of sepsis before the complex inflammatory host response is initiated should be one major area that clinical research... Read more

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Improved Patient Assessment with MR-proADM

2020 29 Aug

Prof. Carlo Tascini is Head of Infectious Diseases Clinic at Udine University Hospital. Prior to that, he was the Head of First Division of Infectious Diseases Unit at Cotugno Hospital. His field of interests include endocarditis, meningitis, sepsis, MDR bacterial infection and fungal infections. spoke to Prof. Tascini about... Read more

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Reappraisal of Biomarkers in Sepsis Management

2020 13 Jun

Sepsis biomarkers have an important role in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of sepsis management. If timely and accurate information about biomarkers becomes available, the physician can not only make better therapeutic choices but also monitor the efficacy of the intervention in progress and adjust it accordingly.  In a previous review... Read more

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High-Risk Sepsis Survivors and End-of-Life Care

2020 03 Mar

Sepsis is a common condition encountered in hospitals and is associated with high morbidity and mortality. However, with advances in treatment, aggressive management and early institution of antibiotics, the number of sepsis survivors has increased. Each year in the US alone, over a million patients are discharged after being treated for sepsis.... Read more

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Early Prediction of Sepsis From Clinical Data

2020 18 Feb

Sepsis continues to be a leading cause of death in hospitalised patients. Approximately 1.7 million individuals develop sepsis each year in the US and of these, around 270,000 die from the infection. Sepsis affects nearly 30 million patients worldwide and nearly 6 million die from sepsis each year. Billions of dollars are required to manage sepsis,... Read more