HealthManagement, Volume 16 - Issue 3, 2016

Ahead of the Game

Ahead of the Game
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There are always trailblazers implementing the latest ‏technology, experimenting with management styles ‏and putting the latest best practice in place. There ‏are too many leading lights to name here, but HealthManagement. ‏org has created a round up of facilities and individuals ‏in healthcare - leaders who have caught our attention ‏because of their efforts in taking steps toward the ultimate ‏goal – better patient outcomes without compromising ‏the bottom line. Could these examples point toward where ‏healthcare management and best practice are heading?

Digital Hospital


Opening its doors in autumn last year, Humber Valley Hospital ‏(HRH ) in Toronto, a 26-acre site, provides a broad range of ‏healthcare services. The HRH 656 bed facility boasts a pneumatic ‏tube delivery network, automated supply delivery systems ‏incorporating robots and a pneumatic transport system for ‏soiled laundry and linen that connects to external haulage units. ‏The aim of these features was to save 164 kilometres per ‏day of walking time and a potential 2 million dollars in annual ‏operating costs.


HRH also gets points for focusing on energy consumption ‏– one of a hospital's biggest expenses. The hospital ‏was designed with focus on the implementation of energy ‏recovery measures and efficiency in operating protocols while ‏not compromising on delivery of 100 percent fresh air to all ‏hospital areas (HO K 2015).


Cutting Edge Operating Rooms at U-M


In June, the University of Michigan (U-M) Health System ‏opened four new state-of-the-art operating rooms (OR s) at ‏University Hospital. The new surgical premises implement ‏technology that includes surgical positioning systems, new ‏microscopes, 3D image-guided navigation systems and robotics. ‏The new OR s are primarily being utilised by the neurosurgery ‏and Orthopaedic surgery departments.


Particularly exciting, two of the new OR s will allow neurosurgery ‏to expand their services in complex cranial and spinal ‏surgery. The other two will provide a more efficient layout for ‏robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery and 3-D image guided ‏spinal surgery.


An encouraging example of cross-collaborative teamwork, ‏the designs of the rooms were a result of ongoing employee ‏feedback (U-M 2016).


Population Health Management


Population health is one of the current buzzwords in healthcare ‏but most providers are playing a waiting game on implementation. ‏But with the risk for population of patients moving over ‏to a provider, health systems need to have good knowledge ‏about the patients they are caring for.


How do you manage when you are treating a patient outside ‏your health system? Anne Arundel Medical Centre in Annapolis, ‏Maryland, combines use of a state-designated health information ‏exchange and an EHR system vendor's data-exchange ‏platform to move patient information across health systems. ‏It then imports it into its own EHRs.


They’ve partnered with a local hospital in another health system ‏and set standards on the transmission of critical clinical data ‏allowing them to display real time care alerts between hospitals. ‏The facility was one of this year’s Hospital and Health Networks ‏Healthcare’s Most Wired winners for its innovation (H&HN 2016).


Robotic “Flight Simulator” Surgery


Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RP CI) in Buffalo is changing ‏robotic techniques surgical training by moving from procedure ‏practice in a live to simulated environment. A collaboration ‏with Buffalo’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and ‏RP CI’s Centre for Robotic Surgery they are introducing RoSS ‏(Robotic Surgery Simulator) into training.


RoSS is often compared to flight simulation for pilots. Debuting ‏in 2010, this gives training and professional surgeons the chance, ‏through real-world views of actual robotic technique surgeries ‏to make mistakes in a simulated rather than a real environment. ‏Honing skills in a simulated procedure increases the ‏chances of succeeding when in the real world and when a life ‏is at stake on the operating table.


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