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2030: Projections for the Emergency Medicine Physician Workforce

2021 23 Aug

Over the last few decades, the emergency physician workforce has undergone a dramatic transformation. There was a time when most physicians working in the emergency department had not completed residency training in emergency medicine. This began around 1970. Today, there are 273 emergency medicine residences accredited by the Accreditation Council... Read more

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Sedana Medical's Sedaconda Study Awarded at DGIIN & ÖGIAIN

2021 22 Jun

Sedana Medical AB (publ) today announced that the company's pivotal phase III study Sedaconda (SED001) has been named one of the three best posters at the 52nd intensive care conference DGIIN & ÖGIAIN 16–18 June 2021. "It is very positive that the Sedaconda study is receiving this attention in Germany, which is our largest market. The strong study... Read more

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More Per Patient Imaging During COVID-19?

2021 21 Jun

While COVID-19 has resulted in decreases in absolute imaging volumes, imaging utilisation on a per-patient basis has not been reported. A surprising new study published in Clinical Imaging shows that clinicians are more likely to request imaging for non-respiratory patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers compared per-patient imaging... Read more

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iPads in Ambulances: NHS Aims to Improve Patient Care

2021 18 May

iPads will be provided to ambulance crews across England to ensure that patients get the right care faster, the NHS brass has announced. Ambulance crews will utilise the 30,000 iPads to send photographs from the scene of an incident, so specialists on standby at hospital can initiate treatment right away when the patient arrives in the emergency... Read more

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New Navigation System to Guide Robots in Emergency Rooms

2021 14 May

Emergency departments (ED) can be crowded, busy, face-paced spaces manned by healthcare workers (HWC) who are overworked and often under stress. Robots have been used in some clinical settings to help lessen the burden of HCWs, by engaging in non-value added tasks, such as material delivery and patient triage, as well as and providing support to patients... Read more

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ICEM 2021

2021 08 Jun

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Northern Emergency Medicine Conference - NEMC 2021

2021 05 Jan

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EUSEM 2021

2021 27 Oct

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