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2019 09 Apr

Dr. Cristina Bescos has been named the new Managing Director of EIT Health Spain. She began her work 8 April 2019, after being approved by the EIT Health Spain Board to take over the position that had been held by Dr. Marco Pugliese since the creation of EIT Health Spain in 2016.   Dr. Bescos brings long experience in research and management of...Read more

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2019 13 Nov

Summary: EIT Health, a network organisation supported by the European Union, is addressing the impact technology is having on both healthcare employees and end user patients through innovative training that upskills the health workforce and improves patient care. EIT Health is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) established...Read more

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2020 09 Jan

EIT Health has awarded 120 health start-ups €6 mln to fast track innovative products and services to the market under the umbrella of its 2019 ‘Headstart Programme’.   The 120 start-ups involved in the programme addressed a range of challenges facing healthcare today in categories such as MedTech, digital health and biotech.  ...Read more

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2020 09 Mar

Summary: The healthcare space will not only need to change its systems, operations and infrastructure, but also healthcare professionals may have to adopt an innovative mindset to embrace the changes and challenges brought to their working lives by implementing big data. I believe that big data present enormous opportunities in the healthcare...Read more

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2020 17 Apr

On 14 April 2020 Céline Carrera took up the position of Education Director at EIT Health. Her main focus will be the development of the EIT Health’s education strategy and bringing innovation into education programmes to solve the healthcare needs of tomorrow. This includes reputed PhDs, Master’s programmes and practical training to both...Read more

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2020 29 Apr

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, 14 health innovation projects will receive support of over €6 million from EIT Health as part of ‘Rapid Response’ EU-wide initiative.   You may also like: EIT Awards €6 mln to Health Start-ups   The selected projects will search for immediate and impactful solutions that health...Read more

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2020 05 Oct

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2020 18 Jun

On 14 April 2020 Céline Carrera took up the position of Education Director at EIT Health. Her main focus will be the development of the EIT Health’s education strategy and bringing innovation into education programmes to solve the healthcare needs of tomorrow. Céline has been working in medical education for over 15 years. Before joining EIT...Read more

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2020 23 Nov

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2020 02 Oct

A new initiative, the EIT Health High Value Care (HVC) Forum has been launched to facilitate the transform ation of health care systems in Europe towards patient-oriented outcomes. This goal will be achieved through education, training and best practice sharing.   You might also like: The VBHC evolution 2014-2019   High value...Read more

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2020 23 Nov

The latest thinking and developments in health innovation will be the centre of this year’s EIT Health Summit Series, starting on 23 November.   You might also like : Zoom On Profile: Céline Carrera Held until 4 December, the Summit includes online events, discussions and presentations, as well as a range of networking opportunities....Read more

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2020 30 Nov

Healthcare leaders around the world and in Europe in particular are increasingly interested in high value care, or value-based healthcare, with many aiming to implement, or already implementing the model in their work. Dr Christina Åkerman is part to many prominent organisations and initiatives in this field. In 2020, she has been keynote speaker...Read more

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2020 27 Nov

Several experts from Dell Medical School, Santeon, Diabeter Nederland and Erasmus MC gathered on 26 November to discuss the challenges of high-value care (HVC) during the ongoing EIT Health Summit Series.   You might also like: New Era in High Value Care in Europe   The session focussed on three main HVC areas: outcomes; incentives...Read more

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2020 17 Dec

Eye and vision care and pain management are two areas that lack innovation and investment in Europe. This issue is being addressed with a new Wild Card programme launched today by EIT Heath, a community of health innovators supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology ( EIT ) , an EU body.   You might also...Read more

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2021 01 Feb

In mid-January, the European Innovation Council (EIC) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) , which will work as a framework for supporting Europe’s best entrepreneurs. talked to Dr Kurt Höller , Director of Business Creation at EIT Health, about...Read more

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2021 15 Feb

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector has been changing at an unprecedented pace. Some innovative solutions, which seemed futuristic just recently, are becoming part of the routine and many others are in the pipeline. talks to Dr Kurt Höller of EIT Health about the dramatic shifts happening in the...Read more

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2021 05 Apr

EIT Health and the Biomedical Alliance in Europe ( BioMed Alliance ) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enable closer collaboration between the healthcare innovation sector and leading medical societies across Europe.   You might also like: talked to Dr Kurt Höller , Director...Read more

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2021 30 Apr

Following a series of ‘Healthcare Workforce and Organisational Transformation with AI’ roundtables , EIT Health’s Think Tank explores the future role of AI and digital solutions in EU health systems. You might also like: Implementing AI technologies in the healthcare setting has been a priority interest for many in the...Read more

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2022 24 May

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2022 22 Mar

We are pleased to announce that Amer Yazbek will be taking up the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at EIT Health. Amer joined EIT Health in November 2021 as our Finance Director, and in that short time has played a key role in helping us to shape our financial strategy. As we launch our new strategy, Amer will bring a strong finance representation...Read more

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2022 14 Mar

Jean Marc Bourez has been appointed CEO of EIT Health on an interim basis until the end of December 2022, when a permanent CEO will be selected. Jean Marc replaces Jan Philipp Beck, who served as EIT Health’s CEO since February 2018, and previously COO since 2016. Jean Marc will also continue in his duties as Managing Director of the EIT Health...Read more

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2023 11 Sep

The German-Swiss EIT Health CLC is pleased to announce that Dr. Kurt Höller has been appointed the new Managing Director. He begins his role, 11 September 2023.    Kurt is already 100% familiar with EIT Health and is quite well-known within the community. He has been acting as a host, moderator, and panellist in numerous events.   Kurt was...Read more