On 14 April 2020 Céline Carrera took up the position of Education Director at EIT Health. Her main focus will be the development of the EIT Health’s education strategy and bringing innovation into education programmes to solve the healthcare needs of tomorrow.

This includes reputed PhDs, Master’s programmes and practical training to both deliver future innovation in healthcare and empower patients and citizens.

Céline has been working in medical education for over 15 years. She has also been on the Board of Directors of the Global Alliance for Medical Education, serving as Secretary and Chairperson of the Nominations Committee. In addition, she held several volunteer positions on various councils and committees of the Union Europeenne des Medecins Specialistes (UEMS). She was appointed as a founding member of the Biomed Alliance CME Committee, where she has led an environmental study of learned societies in the field of CME/CPD. Throughout her career, she has contributed to a series of peer-reviewed publications in continuing medical education. Before joining EIT Health, Céline worked for the European Society of Cardiology, where she was the Head of Education.

According to EIT Health CEO Jan-Philipp Beck, “Education needs are a key driver for change in European healthcare. I’m pleased to welcome Céline as our new Education Director, with the ambition to create innovative education programmes which develop the skills needed for our future healthcare system.”

Céline said she was honoured to be named for her new role and excited to get started, adding: “Although these may not be the easiest time for an onboarding, a quote that comes to mind in these challenging times is from Rahm Emanuel: ‘You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.’”

Source: EIT Health

Image source: EIT Health

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