The latest thinking and developments in health innovation will be the centre of this year’s EIT Health Summit Series, starting on 23 November.


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Held until 4 December, the Summit includes online events, discussions and presentations, as well as a range of networking opportunities. Each Tuesday and Thursday there is a live session led by prominent experts. The line-up includes ChristinaÅkerman; Affiliate Faculty, Dell Medical School; Pieter de Bey, Managing Director, Santeon; Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, Youth and Sport; JohnHalamka, President, Mayo Clinic Platform; Gottfried Ludewig; Director General, Digitalisation and Innovation, German Federal Ministry of Health; Bertalan Meskó, Director, The Medical Futurist Institute; ArielStern, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School; as well as EIT Health’s Director Martin Kern, SB Chairman Alexander von Gabain and CEO Jan-PhilippBeck.

“COVID-19 tested every aspect of health care this year, demonstrating more than ever that we need to build a future of sustainable systems. We see systematic transformation as key to both long and short term sustainability in order to evolve, we need to challenge the status quo, focus our thinking and show what’s possible when we work together. Our Summit Series this year will look at three key opportunities to embed transformation within healthcare systems in order to drive efficiency, make best use of resources, and improve patient outcomes,” says Jan-Philipp Beck. These three key opportunities will be discussed during the following live sessions:

24 November

Implementing AI in health – Success beyond the buzzword

EIT Health continues the discussion on the impact of AI on European healthcare. During this session, EIT Health Director of Innovation, Jorge Juan Fernández (read his interview with here), together with John Halamka and Bertalan Meskó, will discuss the opportunities AI presents for the healthcare field and debate the challenges to its successful implementation at scale across Europe.

26 November

High-Value Care – Evidence-based transformation in patient care 

For European health systems trying to meet growing demand for care, a solution can be to transition from ‘more care’ to ‘better care’, focussed on patients’ needs. This ideal is known as High Value Care (HVC). Earlier this year EIT Health has launched its HVC Forum and during the Summit leading expert Christina Åkerman will speak to Pieter de Bey, whose Santeon has just won the 2020 VBHC Prize. This will be followed by a discussion of incentives and rewards in this space led by Henk Veeze of Diabeter Nederland and Jan Hazelzet of Erasmus MC.

1 December
New Business Models – Meet consumer demands and remain competitive

To support the development and growth of new digital health technologies, new business models are needed in European healthcare. During this session, Kurt Höller of EIT Health and Ariel Stern will look at the business landscape in Europe. They will later be joined by Gottfried Ludewig and Kristina Lagerstedt (1928 Diagnostics) to discuss digitalisation and innovation from an EU perspective.

Concluding the Summit Series on 3 December, the EIT Health Catapult Final & Awards Ceremony will take place. Some of the best EIT Health start-ups from the areas of Biotech, Medtech and Digital Health will be showcasing their solutions in the above three areas at the Summit. During the Catapult Final, nine finalists will compete before a jury of experts, industry stakeholders and investors.


The majority of the Summit’s content will be live and interactive. It will also be uploaded to the video library shortly after the event. The library will be hosted until January 2021.

More information about the EIT Health Summit Series is available here.

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