EIT Health has awarded 120 health start-ups €6 mln to fast track innovative products and services to the market under the umbrella of its 2019 ‘Headstart Programme’.


The 120 start-ups involved in the programme addressed a range of challenges facing healthcare today in categories such as MedTech, digital health and biotech.


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The innovative healthcare initiatives look at improving, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions that include heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, malaria, vaginal dryness, visual impairment and obesity.  


Each of the start-ups have received €50 000 to take their solutions to the next stage. The programme operates in support of the EIT Health objectives of enabling Europeans in 14 countries to live longer, healthier and more independent lives.


In addition to the prize money, they will have access to European partners who can offer further support and put their plans into practice.


“The quality of submissions across all the local offices was outstanding this year and it’s clear to see Europe’s brightest health innovators are disseminated widely across the continent and not confined to a handful of regions,” said Salvatore Demelas, Project Manager for the EIT Health Headstart Programme. “It is hugely exciting that we are able to support a wide expanse of healthcare challenges with the funding, from innovations using the latest in health technology to find solutions that are cost-effective, time-effective and often completely new to the market.” 


Meanwhile, applications for the 2020 EIT Headstart Programme are now being accepted until March 16, 2020.



Source: HealthEuropa

Image credit: EIT Health


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