A new initiative, the EIT Health High Value Care (HVC) Forum has been launched to facilitate the transformation of healthcare systems in Europe towards patient-oriented outcomes. This goal will be achieved through education, training and best practice sharing.


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High value care (HVC) is the term used for the restructuring of healthcare delivery towards measurable outcomes that have high impact and matter most to patients. For this to occur, we need to set standards for measuring the right outcomes and incentivising the healthcare industry to pay for outcomes rather than services.


EIT Health has been conducting extensive research across Europe with the focus on how healthcare systems implement organisational change that paves the way for the care delivery restructuring towards HVC. A number of documents has been created as a result, among which ‘Implementing Value-Based Health Care in Europe’ handbook.


The HVC Forum builds on this research and takes a step further to provide healthcare systems with the practical tools necessary for the successful implementation of HVC strategies. It comprises three main areas.


  • Case Study Library, which showcases examples of successful implementations from HVC pioneers across Europe.
  • Education and training for healthcare professionals; patients, families and carers; and decision-makers and policymakers.
  • Best practice sharing through workshops and conferences, to help healthcare providers and national/regional health systems learn from each other on how to successfully implement HVC.


“We have been working on HVC programmes with our innovators and entrepreneurs since February 2018. Therefore, creating a platform for healthcare providers was a natural step for us,” says Jorge Fernández García, Director of Innovation at EIT Health, in an interview to HealthManagement.org (upcoming). “It is common knowledge that many healthcare resources are wasted on avoidable complications, unnecessary treatments or administrative inefficiencies. Costs are increasing, and in some countries such as the US or Switzerland, people have to pay a lot of money to get the outcomes they want,” he adds noting that EIT Health is determined to change this situation through the Forum.

More information, including the case study library, is available at the HVC Forum page.


Source and image credit: EIT Health

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