Manpower – for Enrico Steger, inventor of manual zircon-milling technology and founder of the company ‘Zirkonzahn’, this phrase represents the unavoidable will, not only to promote ideas, but also to realize them with your own hands. Enrico Steger is convinced that, “The human being aims to spur improvements and trigger self motivation.” Also with manpower, Zirkonzahn transcribes the milling system, developed by Steger, which enables dental technicians to build high-quality constructions themselves. However, this system, with which a person still uses his/her own hands, was not secured with success from the beginning, competing in a now computer-controlled engineering world. At his first presentation tour through Central Europe in 2004, Steger brought his fear, “that people will be convulsed with laughter when seeing the manually operated system.” Enrico Steger chooses his own strategy: He focused on the end result, and then demonstrated all of the accomplishments of the Zirkonzahn milling system. The second part of his presentation was his self constructed device.

A successful strategy: Half a year later, after 700 people had already pre-registered, the development of the zircon-milling started taking course. “The People were enthusiastic about the result which the zircon-milling achieved”, described Enrico Steger. Today, the company Zirkonzahn sells its products in over 80 states. In the administrative office of the company, twelve languages are spoken and the folders are labelled with each country flag, from Great Britain’s “Union Jack” to the Star - Spangled Banner of the USA, as well as, the flags of Germany, Spain, Mexico, Korea, South Africa, and Australia.

The entire production and the head office of the company Zirkonzahn are still located in the inventor’s home country, in South Tyrol, the northern part of Italy which borders with Austria and Switzerland. Here is still the production of the zircon-milling system, the dust extractor, the furnace, and the dyeing liquids and also the sintering of the zirconium blanks is performed. The “Ahrntal”, a valley in the east of South Tyrol, is where Enrico Steger grew up as “the working-class family’s youngest son”. He learned the profession of a dental technician, “just the thing for me, because the mixture of creativity and handcraft fits my character.” Added to this is the ambition to develop, as well as the passion and vision “to move the world with your hands”.