Dental implant analog Zirkonzahn

Dental implant analog Zirkonzahn

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Before inserting the implant-retained rehabilitation into the patients mouth, it is essential to check the fitting of the restoration on the master-cast. For this, laboratory analogues are indispensable. Fixed into the master- cast, they replicate exactly the connection and the orientation of the implant inserted into the patients mouth. Individually manufactured zirconia abutments on titanium bases and Raw-Abutments® are screwed onto the model analogues and their orientation and fitting is then checked with regard to the superstructure. The laboratory analogues are made of stress-resistant ASTM-approved titanium Grade 5 and are manufactured in a way that enables their use also for very narrow implants, which are not parallel to each other. Different diameters are marked with different colours. With the Titanium Spectral-Colouring Anodizer, further colour matchings can be made if desired.
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