Dental 3D scanner / facial FACE HUNTER Zirkonzahn

Dental 3D scanner / facial FACE HUNTER Zirkonzahn

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FACE HUNTER is the innovative new device by Zirkonzahn. This scanner provides photo-realistic 3D digitalization of patients' faces with the aim of being utilized as a working basis for the creation of individualised dental prostheses. The intuitive controls mean that the digitalization process can occur with just one click. The FACE HUNTER scans at an incredibly high speed of less than 0.3 seconds per face. When combined with the Software-Module CAD/CAM Reality Mode, a photo-realistic visualization in real colors is created which can be used for patient consultations or for presentation of the work. This representation can be exported into PDF or OBJ format and is also suited to mobile use with laptops.
  • Applications:dental
  • Configuration:facial
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