Titanium implant abutment / precast Zirkonzahn

Titanium implant abutment / precast Zirkonzahn

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The manufacture of precise and personalised titanium abutments is now particularly easy and fast, thanks to the new Raw-Abutments® which already include a precise, industrially prefabricated implant connection for different implant systems. The range of available implant systems is continuously being expanded. In combination with the Milling Unit M1 Abutment and the CAD/CAM Milling Burs Titan for different finishing stages, the blanks can be transformed into individual and perfectly fitting abutments in merely 20 minutes. Abutment geometries can be freely defined. The Raw-Abutments® are free from any allergy-causing substances and therefore especially health-friendly. Thanks to the easy to install Raw-Abutment® Holder, the titanium Raw-Abutment® blanks can now also be processed in the M1 WET HEAVY and M5 Milling Units. Due to the production in your own laboratory, you not only expand the service spectrum of your CAD/CAM device leading to enormous time savings and an increased added value of your laboratory. With the aid of the Titanium Spectral-Colouring Anodizer, the Raw-Abutments® can also be anodized in different colours (e.g. gold-coloured) and are therefore ideally suited as a primary construction for zirconia structures.
  • Implant material:titanium
  • Other characteristics:precast
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