CAD/CAM milling machine / desk / 5 axes Compact Line Milling Unit M1 Zirkonzahn

CAD/CAM milling machine / desk / 5 axes Compact Line Milling Unit M1 Zirkonzahn
Compact Line Milling Unit M1

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The new Zirkonzahn Compact Line Milling Unit M1 has been conceived in a particularly compact and space saving way (47,7 x 69,3 x 61,3cm) and is therefore suited for laboratories of various dimensions. Developed based on the proven technology of the Milling Unit M5, this series is not upgradable like the Milling Unit M5, but it is available in different equipment variants. With the M1 ABUTMENT it is possible to process pre-cast titanium abutments and glass ceramics. The M1, M1 WET and M1 WET HEAVY METAL variants are equipped with the innovative orbit technology. This means that milling is possible at any conceivable work piece position. Even undercuts and diverging abutments are processed in a simple and fast way. The machines differ with regard to their processing spectrum. The M1 was designed for the processing of soft materials like Prettau® Zirconia, ICE Zirkon Translucent, pre-sintered aluminium oxide, resins, wax, wood or sintermetal. The M1 WET version is further equipped with a wet processing function, in addition to soft materials also glass ceramics can be wet processed. The wet and dry processing of soft, but also hard materials (Titanium and Chrome-Cobalt among others) can be easily done with the M1 WET HEAVY METAL variant. The complete Compact Line Milling Unit M1 can be combined in an optimal way with the Zirkonzahn Scanner S600 ARTI and the user-friendly Zirkonzahn software.
  • Number of axes:5 axes
  • Configuration:desk
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