The story of MANFREDI dates back in 1934 when the company SAED was established. In 1969 SAED changes into MANFREDI, but keeps the name SAED as a brand. 
MANFREDI exports to over 80 countries all over the world and it is appreciated by one and all.

The MANFREDI’s apple of the eye is the production of induction melters which, since as far as 1957, has been considered as the top of the world production.

Today the top position of the MANFREDI’s dental production is held by EASYTI SYSTEM, the simplest and cheapest method to make dentures in pure titanium. 

Since the beginning of 60-s MANFREDI has been dedicating itself to the production of machines with major capacity, designed for goldsmith and micro-melting industry. Today this range includes over 20 models, which allow melting any type of gold, silver, platinum, bronze, brass and some steel and stellite alloys.

MANFREDI was one of the first European Dental Company, since 1997, to obtain the quality certificate ISO 9001 issued by the German Institute TÜV.
1999: the Easyti System obtain the EC certificate, for the production of dentures in pure titanium, issued by the Scandinavian Institute NIOM.