Automatic dental laboratory sandblaster MINISABLOMAT Manfredi

Automatic dental laboratory sandblaster MINISABLOMAT Manfredi

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MINISABLOMAT has the same features as SABLOMAT, however it is not equipped with closed-loop filter-suction system. It has been designed for connection to either a central suction system or a dry suction system as AM28 or a suction unit with dust-abatement water system as WETTY. INSTRUMENTS: • Tetrabor nozzle for use with abrasives up to 500 µ (grain 36). • Timer of the automatic sandblasting cycle, up to 30 min cycle time. • Nozzle pressure regulator and pressure gauge. • Dehumidifier filter . • Auto/Manual cycle changeover switch. • Air control push-button in the manual working mode. • Designed for connection to the micro-sandblasting module SYLOX.
Via Valpellice, 72
San Secondo di Pinerolo
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