Dental laboratory polymerizer ACRYDIG 4 Manfredi

Dental laboratory polymerizer ACRYDIG 4 Manfredi

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The polymerizing units ACRYDIG are completely built in stainless steel and painted. No electric component may come in contact, even accidentally, with water or steam, in conformity with the European Directives. The special design of the machine closing cover avoids any scattering of vapours or condensate dripping, thus insuring the polymerization cycle is run in steam-saturated air. The wide opening and the proper dimensions of the polymerisation tank permit uniform arrangement of the flasks. Due to its programmability, the ACRYDIG will run a polymerization cycle and automatically switch off at the end of the cycle itself, the flasks cool naturally, thus avoiding the resin micro-fractures, usually caused by an excessively aggressive cooling. Instruments: • The digital controller built in the ACRYDIG polymerization units, makes programming extremely simple (3 keys only). • The program is indefinitely stored. • The cycle is started or stopped through the RUN key. • Every cycle step is continuously displayed.
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