Sintering furnace / dental laboratory / ceramic KERASMART Manfredi

Sintering furnace / dental laboratory / ceramic KERASMART Manfredi

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KERASMART 200 is an absolutely reliable ceramic furnace very easy to program and use. KERASMART 200 also can be used with argon atmosphere as required by the most up-to-date titanium technique. In the quartz muffle, the uniform heating distribution insure a continuously high level of the prosthesis quality. The temperature rising rate in the muffle is controlled by microprocessors, which insure finest control up to 120 ºC/min. Any possible voltage or room temperature surges are compensated by the integrated control system. The lift-plate supporting a highly-insulation firing tray rotates freely. The lift rises and lowers with continuous smooth steps in order to avoid any shock or vibration.
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