Dental laboratory micro-sandblaster OXYKER DUET Manfredi

Dental laboratory micro-sandblaster OXYKER DUET Manfredi

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The microsandblaster OXYKER DUET may use either aluminium oxide or glass pearls in order to carry out the roughing, buffing and polishing of metals, ceramic and acrylic materials. OXYKER DUET can work with any kind of abrasive in the range from 50 µ to 250 µ. OXYKER DUET is pre-set for the installation of an additional sandblasting module SYLOX K. OXYKER DUET is also designed for connection to either a central suction system or a dry suction system as AM28 or a suction unit with dust-abatement water system as WETTY. Instruments: • Pressure regulator with gauge • 2 silos delivery system • Dehumidifier filter • Sandblasting control through pedal buttons • 3 nozzles dia. 0.8 mm – 1.2 mm – 1.5 mm • 2 pencils easy to grip and handle • Blowgun to remove any trace of dust • Connection to the quick-release suction pipe
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