CEO Greeting We express our appreciation from the bottom of our heart for your earnestlove and use of our products. Since its foundation in 1975, We Hanshin Medical Co., Ltd., have continued making all effort to consistently supply better products for convenient, accurate work of doctors, nurses, technicians and all other concerned hospital personnel. Our core items include Steam Sterilizer, Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer, Refrigerator-Biological and Freezer-Blood Plasma. The list of our products further contains centrifuge, suction Unit, Ultraviolet Rays Sterilizer, Doppler Fetus Pulse Detector and Cast Cutter. We are also working for sustained introduction of new inventions quality innovation by putting enormous funds in development of technologies in order to actively ride on rapidly changing tides of the market. We supply our products on confidence that their outstanding quality will contribute to improvement of human health home and abroad. We are now striving to jump into the world market to stand as a world maker Hanshin Medical Co., Ltd. Please always keep your attention to us with endless encouragement and support. Thank you. HANSHIN MEDICAL CO., LTD. Mr. Jung Yeul Kim / President