Medical autoclave / bench-top / programmable 6 l | HS-1606VD Hanshin Medical

Medical autoclave / bench-top / programmable 6 l | HS-1606VD Hanshin Medical
6 l | HS-1606VD

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1. Small size, High speed Steam Sterilizer This small size and high speed steam sterilizer, which is convenient to locate, mobile and capable of sterilizing medical instruments instantly any time, is a most useful equipment for all kinds of medical institutions including plastic surgery and oriental medical clinic. Especially the vacuum drying system adopted can minimizes common wet pack problem remarkably. 2. Variable Cycle Programs and Self-Diagnosis Program 5 kinds of built-in cycle program according to loads type allows of operating easy and convenient. The self-diagnosis program detects the following 6 cases of operating error during cycle processing and aborts the cycle automatically. The error code is displayed on the LED display with warning alarm. 3. Safety The door would not be opened without power supplying and in case of remaining chamber pressure exceeds in the set level by door interlock system, cycle does not start unless the door is locked. The locking system allows the door to get open by turning the eccentric latch 90o with the handle, therefore it is a device of high safety and reliability. In case the chamber pressure exceeds in the set value, the safety valve exhausts the vapor from the chamber and then decreases the chamber pressure.
  • Other characteristic:programmable
  • Configuration:bench-top
  • Application domain:medical
166 Pyeongcheonro, Bupyeong-gu,
21311 Incheon, Korea
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