Medical autoclave / bench-top / programmable 41 l | HS-3041BT Hanshin Medical

Medical autoclave / bench-top / programmable 41 l | HS-3041BT Hanshin Medical
41 l | HS-3041BT

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1. Powerful Sterility & Convenience for Operating This B-Class sterilizer applies the saturated steam generated from water by heater in the chamber to sterilize and are capable of sterilizing and drying the items which are hard to be sterilized in perfect and safely including hollow loads such as tube or endoscope and porous loads such as sponges or textile within the shortest time by powerful air removal system applying pressure pulse, and are fully satisfying the conditions of Hollow Load A Test regulated to European Standards. Especially various user settable cycle programs are prepared for performing in any condition of sterilization, maximize the convenience for controlling and easy for operating the sterilizer by adopting the enlarged color touch screen monitor and exclusive control system which allow of operating the sterilizer one touching and checking the state of cycle processing in real time on the touch screen monitor. 2. Variable Cycle Programs and Self-Diagnosis Program This sterilizer has 6 kinds of basic cycle program for wrapped or unwrapped medical instruments, the product of synthetic resin, rubber, glass, textile and liquid in the glass container, 2 kinds of test cycle and the self diagnostic program which detects 12 cases of operating error during cycle processing, generates an audible warning and aborts the cycle automatically, displays the error code on the touch screen monitor. Furthermore it is prepared for users to set 54 cycle programs at their pleasure for performing sterilization in any condition.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Configuration:bench-top
  • Other characteristic:programmable
166 Pyeongcheonro, Bupyeong-gu,
21311 Incheon, Korea
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