Pharmacy refrigerator / blood bank / cabinet / 1-door 2 - 6 C°, 160 l | BPR-160 Hanshin Medical

Pharmacy refrigerator / blood bank / cabinet / 1-door 2 - 6 C°, 160 l | BPR-160 Hanshin Medical
2 - 6 C°, 160 l | BPR-160

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2?~6?, 160 liters, Small size Blood & Medicine Refrigerator 1. Refrigerator for long-term preservation of Blood and Medicine. This refrigerator forms an ideal condition, which enable long-term, effective storage of blood medicine. A refrigerator for such purpose requires uniform distribution of the temperature and precise temperature control to prevent the stored materials from deteriorating or being frozen. Therefore this refrigerator is one of the fundamental equipment in blood center, medical institutions and research institutions. This blood & medicine refrigerator is manufactured in accordance with the recommended standard temperature requirements established by the American Association of Blood Bank(AABB) and designed to maintain the chamber temperature of 2? to 6?. The automatic off-cycle defrost system and the condensate evaporator are of standard type. 2. Temperature / Power Monitor The Temperature/Power Monitor displays the actual temperature of refrigerating chamber in real time during operating, if the actual temperature deviates from the set operating temperature range or the electric power has been failed, it shows the actual temperature at that time and high (HI) or low (LO), power failure (AC) mark alternately on the digital LED display accompanying an audible warning.
  • Applications:pharmacy, blood bank
  • Configuration:cabinet
  • Number of doors:1-door
166 Pyeongcheonro, Bupyeong-gu,
21311 Incheon, Korea
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