UV irradiation system UV Crosslinker Herolab

UV irradiation system UV Crosslinker Herolab
UV Crosslinker

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UV Crosslinker is automatic protection cut off of UV radiation, when tray is opened. It is easy handling instrument. It has two switches, one for Intensity and another for Start. The aging of the detector, caused by UV radiation can thus be excluded. Available in 3 wave lengths (254, 312 (302) and 365 nm). The new Crosslinker CL 1, leading by Herolab, instant a unique principle of measuring the UV radiation for the exact determination of the emitted UV radiation during the measurement the also emitted visible light is being detected. It has big size tinted and UV tight front panel. It is pull out tray and housing made of stainless steel. It is high reproducibility due to microprocessor control. Setting of energy or time High lifespan due to durable sensor. Low need of repairs because sensor is protected from mechanical defects. Thus the Crosslinker can be used for the rapid and reproducible fixing of nucleic.
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