Laboratory microcentrifuge / bench-top 16000 rpm | MicroCen® M Herolab

Laboratory microcentrifuge / bench-top 16000 rpm | MicroCen® M Herolab
16000 rpm | MicroCen® M

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The high speed microliter centrifuge is controlled by a microprocessor with a 30x 2.2 ml maximum capacity. 6 rotors in total – 4 angle, 1 swing out and 1 microhematocrit with speeds of 500 – 16,000 rpm/18,000 rpm increasing in 100 rpm increments. 1 minute incremental timer up to 60 minutes. 999 minutes available on request. Pulse for short runs and hold for long runs. The motorized lock on the lid automatically opens and has emergency release. LCD displays current/preset values of time, and temperature speed/g-force. Stainless steel chamber detects excessive speed, imbalance, and cut off. It has an extra inner guard-ring. There are 9 deceleration/acceleration ramps. 20,865x g-force / 26,407x g-force, in 100 rpm equivalent steps. Mmaintenance free induction drive is brushless.
Ludwig-Wagner-Strasse 12,
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