Laboratory centrifuge / bench-top 13000 rpm | HiCen® T Herolab

Laboratory centrifuge / bench-top 13000 rpm | HiCen® T Herolab
13000 rpm | HiCen® T

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The HiCen T High-Speed Tabletop Centrifuge is microprocessor controlled. It has a large volume but fits on the laboratory bench. It has 12 angle rotors and 2 swing-out rotors with a speed of 500–13,000rpm (in steps of 100rpm) and g-force (RCF) of 1,968–18,894x g (in steps of 10x g). It's maximum capacity is 4x500ml. Its timer can be set up to 180min (in 1min increments). It's maintenance free and comes with brushless induction drive, 8 acceleration and deceleration ramps. The chamber, made of stainless steel, has additional inner guard ring. It features over-speed detection, imbalance detection and cut-off, and more.
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