Laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / bench-top 16000 rpm | UniCen® M Herolab

Laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / bench-top 16000 rpm | UniCen® M Herolab
16000 rpm | UniCen® M

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16000rpm UniCen M is for centrifuge tubes and bottles, Microtiter plates, Tissue culture tubes, Microliter tubes, etc.It is a microprocessor controlled. It has 12 angle rotors, 3 swing out rotors, 1 microhematocrit rotor. LCD display for both current and preset values of speed/g-force, time and temperature (temperature only at refrigerated model UniCen MR) The product motorized lid lock, automatic lid opening, emergency lid lock release. It has overspeed detection, imbalance detection and cut off. It has speed of 500-16,000 rpm, in steps of 100 rpm. G force RCF 23,755 x g, in steps equivalent to 100 rpm. It is made of stainless steel chamber with joined inner guard ring. It can be maintenance free, brushless induction drive. It has nine quickening and deceleration ramps. 'Hold' for longer runs / 'Pulse' for short runs. Timer up to 60 min, in 1 min increments, on request up to 999 min.
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