Laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / bench-top HiCen® F Herolab

Laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / bench-top HiCen® F Herolab
HiCen® F

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This High-Speed Floor Centrifuge can be permanently moved or moved on rollers and is controlled by a microprocessor. This High-Speed Floor Centrifuge is able to make room for 4 x 500 ml and is fitted with 2 swing out rotors and 12 angle rotors, It travels at a speed of 500 – 14,000 rpm and features a timer that indicates readings in 1 and 180 minute increments. Other features of this High-Speed Floor Centrifuge include 8 deceleration and acceleration ramps, stainless steel chamber with an extra interior guard ring, brushless inductive drive, maintenance free, automatic lid opening, large color display, HOLd for log periods. motorized lid locking and emergency lid locking release system.
Ludwig-Wagner-Strasse 12,
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