Urine analyzer LAURA® M erba diagnostics Mannheim

Urine analyzer LAURA® M erba diagnostics Mannheim

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Erba Mannheim brings Laura M as a simple and quick solution for analysis of urine. It is designed to be used in clinical laboratories. Users are simply supposed to dip test strip into urine sample and put the strip in insertion area. Next steps are automatically performed which involve movement, measurement, evaluation and timing with help of urine analyzer. Equipped with semi-quantitative reflectance photometer it gives efficient memory capacity and high throughput. Measurement is performed by colour detector and LEDs. With wavelengths of size 470, 525 and 625 nm and evaluation time of 60 s, the device has a capacity of 600 strips per hour. It can store up to 2000 measurements that have been performed shortly. Waist container is provided to collect the used test strip. While RS232 facilitates external communication to PC/LIS, PS2 facilitates possible connection of bar code reader (BCR) or external keyboard. The easy-to-operate ergonomic and sleek design ensures sophisticated monitoring of the strip's position. Color LCD display (320 x 240 dot-matrix) and built-in thermal printer enhance efficiency.
Mallaustr. 69-73,
68219 Mannheim
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