ELISA test workstation / automatic / 1-station Mago 4 erba diagnostics Mannheim

ELISA test workstation / automatic / 1-station Mago 4 erba diagnostics Mannheim
Mago 4

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The Mago 4 is an ELISA & IFA processor which is fully automated. Simultaneous processing of samples in the IFA, ELISA, allergy (spec. IgE capture procedure), Seroagglutination (Widal, Wright) and Haemagglutination (TPHA) is undertaken efficiently by this device. The device is characterized by high throughput, reliability, accuracy, optimal speed and quality, which are the advantages of complete automation. It also features an amalgamation of all IFA and ELISA parameters in a single, steady and versatile system. User-friendly, intuitive and multilingual software, along with essential assay processes have their complete automation carried out effectively by this instrument. For reagents and samples, the single teflon-steel needle has its tip option disposable by liquid level sensor. In order to prevent risks of cross-reaction, the needle undertakes the IFA slides washing step on a well by well basis. Slides are promptly and easily loaded into the slide holders. Further, the device features reagent identification along with positive samples.
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68219 Mannheim
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