SuperSonic™ MACH™ 20

SuperSonic™ MACH™ 20

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With its powerful and unique UltraFast technology, inspired by the video gaming industry, the intelligent signal processing can capture up to 20,000 images per second.1 

The SuperSonic™ MACH™ 20 ultrasound system features several innovative imaging modes integrating perfectly with routine workflow and are designed to deliver meaningful added value into general imaging: 

  • High-Resolution imaging - images with reduced speckle, regardless of tissue density, and improved lesion conspicuity for enhanced diagnostic confidence

  • ShearWave™ PLUS elastography - real-time tissue stiffness evaluation

  • Angio PLUS imaging - microvascular flow assessment

  • Needle PLUS imaging - needle visibility enhancement during biopsies for improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction

  • Liver Ultrasound Markers - Unique liver ultrasound biomarkers tools to evaluate chronic liver disease.

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