Eviva® Breast Biopsy System

Eviva® Breast Biopsy System
3D™-guided breast biopsy

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At Hologic, we make it our business to define the patient experience in stereotactic and 3D™-guided breast biopsy. Listening to physicians and technologists about the women they treat is the foundation for the Eviva breast biopsy device’s innovative design.
Hologic is taking breast biopsy to a higher standard with the Eviva breast biopsy system. Designed with enhanced technology compared to the ATEC® breast biopsy device, the Eviva system combines better patient access with seamless integration for a compassionate, minimally invasive breast biopsy. Designed for both prone and upright systems, the Eviva breast biopsy system offers multiple device options to reach the broadest spectrum of patients with the utmost care. This innovative system delivers these important features with every breast biopsy performed.


Compassionate care
- 4.5-second tissue acquisition cycle makes for a quick and efficient biopsy procedure.1
- Quiet, remote firing for greater physician-patient interaction.2
- The saline lavage and constant aspiration aids in consistently acquiring high quality cores. The integrated saline feature is designed to transport cores smoothly.2
- Minimal incision size for a positive cosmetic outcome.

Seamless integration
- One unified system for biopsy and site marking.
- Allows physicians to easily deliver local anesthetic directly to the biopsy site during every cycle without interruption.

Maximum patient access1
- Optimized access to challenging lesions.
- Low profile needle for enhanced access to lesions close to chest wall.
- Biopsy needle options for a wider spectrum of patients.


- Tactile thumb wheel: A tactile thumb wheel provides direct control of the tissue sampling location during the biopsy procedure.

- Remote firing: A quiet, remote firing mechanism reduces patient anxiety during rapid advancement into the breast.2
- Remote tissue filter: Improved access to collected tissue samples in a protected remote chamber.
- Integrated biopsy site marking: End-deploy biopsy site marking provides streamlined and accurate marker placement.
- Saline lavage: Helps ensure consistent retrieval of high quality tissue samples
- Y-Valve: Enables physicians to automatically or manually deliver local anesthetic directly to the biopsy site without interrupting the procedure.

- Standard Eviva biopsy devices:
Gauge: 9 or 12 gauge
Length: 10 or 13 cm
Aperture: 20 mm

- Trocar Petite Eviva biopsy devices, designed to work with a minimum compression of 20 mm:
Gauge: 9 gauge
Length: 10 or 13 cm
Aperture: 12 mm

- Blunt nose petite Eviva biopsy devices, with hemispherical tip designed to work with a minimum compression of 16 mm:
Gauge: 9 gauge
Length: 10 or 13 cm
Aperture:12 mm

References: 1. Internal testing performed at Hologic and maintained in PLM system 2. Kaplan, S., 2010. The Benefits of the Hologic Eviva Vacuum-Assisted Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Device, WP-00023 (4/11)


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