SuperSonic™ MACH 30

SuperSonic™ MACH 30
Breast Ultrasound

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Breakthrough ultrasound technology for breast health

The SuperSonic Mach 30 ultrasound system with exceptional image quality and innovative modes is designed to help increase diagnostic confidence for breast imagers.


Innovative features help improve diagnostic accuracy
  • High specificity with exceptional B-mode image quality (SonicPure)

  • ShearWaveTM Elastography (SWE) visualizes, analyzes, and quantifies tissue stiffness in real-time (ShearWave PLUS)

  • Enhanced visualization of blood flow – sensitive, subtle blood flow detection

  • Real time imaging mode that allows you to display simultaneously morphologic, (B-mode images), stiffness (SWE) and blood flow information (Angio PLUS) all in the same image on the screen for more confidence in diagnosis (TriVTM technology)

  • Enhanced visibility for needle placement during biopsy (Needle PLUS)


Intuitive features improve diagnostic efficiency
  • Fast, high quality imaging
  • First to offer an intuitive touchpad control and large adjustable touchscreen display

  • Enhanced ergonomics designed to increase usability

  • Lightweight ergonomic transducers optimized for breast imaging

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