Stereotactic frame Micromar

Stereotactic frame Micromar

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Indicated for a non-invasive treatment of encephalic lesions, the Micromar Radiosurgery System is an equipment which, when connected to a linear accelerator, allows for a dynamic irradiation in stereotactic conditions with milimetric accuracy. The targets are pre-determined through images from Computed Tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance or Digital Angiography. The Micromar Radiosurgery System MRS-01B uses isocentric arcs of non-coplanar radiation, similar to those used in most LINAC-based systems. For each one of them, the accelerator's table forms an arc during radiation. This model also includes a control and correction system which facilitates the standard adjustment of stereotactic coordinates with the accelerator's lasers. The hardware of the Micromar Radiosurgery System is complete and can be adapted to all kinds of LINAC, and some of its main components are: the stereotactic Arc compatible with NMR and CT, a digital milimetric Box with a fixation system to the stereotactic arc - allowing for the adjustment of its position on the accelerator's table- , a Tray with support for collimators (manufactured according to the LINAC's model and brand), a Set of collimators with dimensions between 9 mm and 33 mm, a Phantom with conical tip and tungsten sphere for verification of the system's isocenter and a film storage System for verification of the isocenter, among many other components.
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