Planning software / for radiosurgery / medical Aimrad Micromar

Planning software / for radiosurgery / medical Aimrad Micromar

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Aimrad, the Micromar radiosurgical planning software, is a powerful high-end modular system that enables three-dimensional planning for radiation treatments of Fractioned Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery - with conical collimators and multiple blades. With its image registry and importing system, the software provides an easy reading and recognition of images in the DICOM and RAW formats. The software is simple to handle and also allows for full image manipulation based on sagittal, coronal and axial reconstructions, according to the orientation of the stereotactic frame, in addition to the possibility of non-orthogonal and orthogonal reconstructions to a beam and to an arbitrary vector (View Vectors). It is possible to edit and draw a region simultaneously in several images with different orientations, with no restrictions to axial images only. It is possible to create complex regions based on other regions by using logical operators (And, Or, XOR). With Aimrad it is possible to perform 3D reconstructions and Dose-Volume Histograms with the dose profile throughout a line.
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